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Great ‘Star Wars’ Post

Barring the first paragraph, for obvious reasons – the rest of ‘The Star Wars Saga: Suggested Viewing Order’ over at ANMJ is perfect; especially for us 40-somethings that related more to Luke as the central character, and not Lucas’ mid-life crisis redux that tries to push Anakin Skywalker on us as the character we’re supposed to be ‘getting into’.  >_>

Honestly, if Lucas tried selling the plot to Episode I to any studio at that time, we would not have a Star Wars today.  Personally, I’m not a fan of Lucas, period.  I love the shows and books that have spawned from Star Wars–but as far as he’s concerned– he’s the perfect example of “story by is not an indicator of why this film works“.  We have Larry Kasdan to thank for the most part (and Leigh Brackett for ‘Strikes Back’).

I understand though, I do.  No writer wants to be told that their characters and plots are great, so long as good writers handle them– but Lucas is a director, and his ego shouldn’t be that fragile.


3 thoughts on “Great ‘Star Wars’ Post”

  1. I’ve own that film, so I don’t need a link. 🙂 Star Wars borrows heavily from the character arcs of Hidden Fortress – the the actual sci-fi of Stars Wars is all its own. Sadly, I still feel that Lucas isn’t that great of a creator. :/ The Star Wars tech that those movies display isn’t all down to him.

  2. Yep, I agree. I’ve always liked Spielberg better than Lucas. Star Wars, and many scifi movies for that matter, tend to be flashy fireworks, cool costumes and exotic locales in a fast paced action setting. If we’re lucky the acting is good. Otherwise it’s just watching until you see the next good moment. I’ve got the Hidden Fortress too. Slowly building my Kurosawa collection. Seven Samurai is still my favorite.

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