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PSA: I wasn’t raped by Chuck Phelps, and I don’t write Cookbooks

–on that note, there is no book printed called Imaginary Twisters–and I sure as shit didn’t write it.  0_o  Also– that trailer park mystery garbage that keeps coming up under my name at… NOT ME.

I’m not the singer with bleach blond hair and wearing sequins on those photos that keep coming up in google-images.  I’m not the talented illustrator whose work appears when my name is entered into yahoo or bing.

The Tina Anderson entry on wikipedia is me…I’ve written male homoerotic manga for women and gay comics for men, and now I write feminist action fiction.

The rest of the Tina Anderson’s out there… are not me.


  • Do not post in forums that I stopped writing yaoi and started writing cookbooks
  • Do not comment at my blog how sorry you are I was raped
  • Do not troll my blog accusing me of moral hypocrisy because I like porn, and have accused someone of rape.
  • Do not email asking where you can buy Imaginary Twisters
  • Do NOT meet me in person and say I don’t look anything like the photo on google–ON THAT NOTE, don’t accuse me of posting a fake photo because I’m not blond thin and aging.
  • PLEASE do not include cookbooks by Tina Anderson, with manga by Tina Anderson in your catalogs.  It makes you look stupid, and I don’t think Ms. Anderson appreciates the association.
  • Stop emailing me about why the covers of the Tina Anderson trailer park mysteries look so bad.

Thank you.


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