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Saw the Woman in Black

Been catching up on Season Six of Supernatural (thanks to Netflix) because I was woefully missing during the broadcast season, and sadly—this was first season (along with the current one) that I can’t bring myself to spend $40 on a DVD set.  :/  Though I must admit… Sam the Soulless Whore was incredible.  0_0  I’ve never been into the Moose, but wow, he was very sexy this season–and French Mistake was brilliant.

I got to see the Woman in Black.  It has all the things I love about gothic horror—that house… oh that house.  Location location location!  When can I move in?  The only downside to the film was sharing the theater with the Potter-heads who decided to show up and act like dildos.  Also, the theater was playing Star Wars 3D whatever…so loud that it could be heard in our theater—and In Black was a very quiet film.   Personally, I always adored Hammer horror because of its cheesecake…Hammer horror had more cleavage than an average Sunday at the Playboy mansion.  Would one bathtub/shower scene with Mr. Radcliff been too much to ask for? (Yes, male buttock cleavage is just as hot)

I don’t want to spoil the ending for everyone, but one good deed did deserve another, and I thought the Woman repaid the kindness shown to her, very well.

Will be watching Walking Dead tonight, and praying that Shane gets done in one way or another—even if AMC might be squeamish about how Shane bought it in the comics, I’d still like them to stay as true to the story as possible.

Not one ounce of writing done at all this weekend.  Shit.


4 thoughts on “Saw the Woman in Black”

  1. I grew up on gothic horror films and am looking forward to seeing The Woman in Black. (I have to say Radcliffe looks dashing in the period costume.) I’m hoping between this and the Burton take on Dark Shadows we might see a resurgence of the genre!

  2. Aha! 😀

    1. I’m one of the few people who like Shane’s character, though I’m so sick and tired of the BS triangle between him, Lori, and Rick. I keep hoping that Lori gets killed off because she’s useless beyond being a soap opera plot device.

    Then again, the longer they stay on the farm, the more soap operatic the plot becomes. :S I’m also pissed that they’re not developing the black guy’s character. It’s like he doesn’t exist other than to be the token black person in a zombie apocalypse (the reason behind which we’ll never know if they remain angsting day in and day out on the farm).

    I’m kind of having problems with the series at this point. I’m hoping that things happen and that the focus on the love triangle ends, or I’ll have to give this a pass.

    2. I love what they did to the house in The Woman in Black. Radcliffe looked alternately handsome and still rather teenager-ish in period costume, but I think he managed to carry off the role decently. 😀

  3. @Hayden

    Regarding Walking Dead, T- was never a character in the comics. There were two strong people of color in the comics and they weren’t written into the tv show. Glenn is the only non-white character getting a storyline that I’m impressed with– but his is following the series.

    Lori is not this idiotic in the comics series, and neither is Andrea. >_< It's been a struggle for me to watch this show's depiction of what were, when I first read them– strong female characters, but I'm hanging in there. Not big on Shane and never will be– he wasn't supposed to last this long, and I hope they stick to the comics and let the right person clean his clock.

    As for last night's…OMG, what is up with CAROL?! Fuck Daryl already! Please!

  4. @Katrina

    Dark Shadows better be good. >_< I've been unimpressed with his adaptations since Batman (hated Planet of the Apes and didn't bother with Willy Wonka). I like Burton's original fare, and wish he'd return to it.

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