Moving Right Along…

I’ve been busy dealing with some residual issues from a ‘family thing’; not my immediate family, so all is well.  ^_-  I joined Gold’s Gym last Sunday, and I’ve been going every night since; cardio on odd weekdays, and swimming on even weekdays.  I made my family join also—so the kids go with me.  My son likes the machines with televisions; my daughter is in love with the pool.

Last summer, my spouse and I dealt with two very lazy teens.  They slept till four pm and did NOTHING around the house, and when they were asked to do something, they bitched about it and gave us shit.  My daughter has always been an honor student (still is) and so she’s never been given a chore in her life.  My son, however, is failing four classes and is going on 17.  I WILL NOT SUPPORT A HIGH SCHOOL FAILURE, to the tune of $700 in food and electricity every two weeks, for his constant gaming and computer use.  My daughter is pushing it also…she gets good grades, but she can’t even cook for herself?  That’s laziness, not incompetence.  I finally put my foot down and drew up a list of what’s expected of them for the first day or summer, to the last.

There’s been some rumbling.  I’ll post a copy of the summer contract when I get around to scanning it. :^_^:  I don’t feel bad about the list overall, but if you had two teens (who are essentially adults in the eyes of restaurant and airlines) doing nothing all day, except eating and using up electricity, you’d be at your wits end as well.  Would you let an adult leech off you like that?  No.

Off to work…


1 thought on “Moving Right Along…”

  1. We’ve got one just-barely-graduated-thanks-to-us son and another who was failing almost his entire wrestling season. They just can’t grasp what this is doing to the future opportunities, especially being white males in an already depressed economy. I feel your pain. Make him feel it!

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