Gothic Boy is Gothic

This weekend I have my first sit down with an estate executor.  Lucky me.  >_>  Afterward, I’m going to see the Woman in Black with some co-workers.  It better be worth it.  Sadly, the eBook is 9.99 and that’s not worth it…even with the little ink illustrations included—it’s a short read and overpriced at ten bucks.  >_<  I bought an ePub copy elsewhere for .99 cents and converted it in Caliber to a Kindle file. 

Walking Dead starts again this Sunday, can’t wait.  I’ll have that on Sundays, Alcatraz on Mondays, and Justified on Tuesdays.  Thursday night is Person of Interest and Friday is Supernatural.  I’m officially an after-work ‘couch potato’.   I was enjoying Two Broke Girls, the Laverne and Shirley fan in me just can’t resist…but the last episode was a bit of a disappointment. I guess I’ve grown tired of the ‘let’s portray the fat guy as gross and disgusting’ trope. Less of that would be nice, seriously.  The only thing I’m missing this year is Spartacus—thanks to Starz recent bout of asshattery, I can no longer catch Friday night first run eps on Netflix.  Sorry Starz, I’m not buying your channel for just one show that runs only one season at a time.  You’re not HBO or Showtime, you don’t have a catalog of original hourly programming to make it worth my money.  Stop dicking around, and just collect what you can from Netflix—no matter how paltry. Also… BBC, is it too much to ask that you make some cool Tom Baker Who eps available to Amazon Instant?  Genesis of the Daleks on DVD only?  WTF.

In preparation for my surgery in June, I’m going back to the gym in March—sadly my workplace only has a discount with 24-Hour Fitness, a gym that’s nowhere near me.  :/  I might have to just bite the yearly cost up front and join a Gold’s.  There’s one near me, and it’s got a lap pool that isn’t congested with elderly folks just breast-stroking their way to a good heart and using the laps as a place to socialize.  >_<  Drives me bonkers when they do that!

Writing hasn’t been easy this week, so I gave up.  Finished dialog for Episode Two, and even though I should sit down on Saturday and begin it—I’m opting for the time out of the house, instead.  I’ll start it next weekend; and try to sneak in some revisions on Episode One, during slow times at work.  It never fails though, that when I plan to revise at work, we have busy days.  0_0 Today should be interesting, because it’s the day I have to balance the ATM machine, and they just equipped it with some new software yesterday.  If I can balance without a hiccup, it’ll be a first.  ^_^


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