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Parentheses Abuse: What Every Parent Needs to Know.

Why yes, I did change the look of my blog.  I found a BBW site that was using the same theme (no probs, but I like to feel like a special snowflake), so I’m using this one, until I find it elsewhere.  LOL!

Adding to my ‘officially sick of’ list of TV ads is JC Penny’s new campaign to rebrand itself.…your ads are getting on my nerves.  I hate you already. 

It was so cool to see Pruitt Taylor Vince again, after his unfortunate demise on Walking Dead as Otis.  He was on Justified, and he was awesome, as always.  I just love that guy! I’m also becoming a fan of Mr. Quarles, which I didn’t expect to.  I can’t wait to see his plans come up against Boyd’s…and of course…Raylan’s.

How could you not watch a show with these three guys in it?
How could you not want to have sex with these three guys?
At the same Time

I’ve been in touch with my teen roots recently.  My playlist is packed with synthpop/rock from the 80’s, heavy in rotation is Missing Persons and Depeche Mode.  I’d spent every night doing homework to a local high-school radio that played nothing by British Synthpop, and every lyric written by Martin Gore had the most profound meaning and related to me in ways that I had to imagine, because they didn’t.  (And how underrated was Missing Persons?  I steered cleared of them in my youth because of the sexist way they promoted their lead singer, but their songs and their sound are just kick-ass.)  It’s all I’m listening to when I’m in the car.

*sigh* If I only I had the same sex-drive I did back then…life’s not fair.

Speaking of kicking-ass, I kicked some serious dialog-ass this morning, despite the day being spent on groceries and handling some family affairs.  Tonight I’ll be at H & R Block learning how to file my 1096 and appropriate 1099’s – even though my artists didn’t make $600, I’m sending them anyway, because I WILL NOT BE TAXED on the full amount of my sales, when I didn’t keep the full amount of my sales (I feel so Elizabeth the First, saying that!)

I was reading a blog recently from an author whose work I really enjoyed.  It was her debut work, and despite needing an editor in some places—it was well written with plenty of impact, for a .99 self-produced horror, I was impressed.  The author’s feeling that downhill shift in sales revenue, that comes when a title begins to show its age; that point in time where everyone into you and your genre has bought the book, but now you need to bring in readers who have no clue.  In graphic novels, I always had the luxury of a print edition price-point, so once the book is a year old, you (or your pub) lower the price, and expand your distro to places you (or your pub) wouldn’t consider before, because their percentage was criminal.  Digital titles initially priced low in order to grab sales from new e-Reading device customers (Games and Boy 90 are two titles of mine that fit this modus), tend to hit the downhill mark after a year, and sales begin trickle…UNTIL, you release a new title.  Games with Me did great thanks to good reviews in places I didn’t expect (and excellent reviews in places where I was welcomed), but it was still victim to that annual slump.  Loud Snow hit the stores, and the digital version hit KINDLE, and my sales for Games picked up two-fold.  So I released a few other also-in-print titles, and bam—Games sales increased.

That’s the trick, see.

This place opened up right near me, it’s called Two Saints Bakery, and while it’s not what I’m used to on the east coast (for me, nothing in Texas will ever match the bakeries of towns with strong Eastern-European immigrant roots) I was very impressed with the place.  The Red Velvet Cupcake was divine; snagged Maggie a HUGE brownie.  I know she’ll love it!


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