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New Week, New Life.

I’ve been sidelined this past week, on the work and social front, due to some personal issues I won’t go into here—but it’s Monday, and it’s a new week—we’re going into a new month, and it’s time to get back to the grind. I was going to make a lengthy post about grief, but decided against it. New week, new life—but the mirrors in the house are still covered for now, and I’ll be wearing black for a while.

I’ve written constantly this weekend, getting familiar with my 22rd century world, and banging out some great dialog for episode two.  I completed the first revision of Chilling Fields, and am happy with the result—though it’s far from complete.  (my writing journal is being updated again, in case you’re curious).

Going back to work today after missing what feels like a week.  A part of me looks forward to my usual 9 to 6 shift, but another part of me wants to run away and write all the time.  The only thing about that is, once I stop working outside the house…the urge to write will disappear.  Sad but true.

I’m officially sick of the campaign coverage.  I’d like it to go away now.

I found this article interesting , and to be honest, I’ve never had wild grand expectations about eBook sales.  I’m in a tiny genre, and so my sales reflect that, and while they aren’t what they used to be two years ago, they’re still steady and respond as they’re supposed to (want to increase stale sales of an eBook that sold great out the gate?  Release another title—it really does work.)  Print sales are still steady for Loud Snow, and I’m looking forward to releasing ‘Games’ in print and sees those sales pick up.  So if there’s a bubble, it won’t affect me. ^_-

Colbert’s interview with Maurice Sendak was brilliant!


2 thoughts on “New Week, New Life.”

  1. My condolences. *hugs* Thanks for the article. I’ve been wondering about that, too. There’s been so much hype about wealth through self-publishing, and with everyone pretty much jumping into the bandwagon, I can’t help but worry about how long it’d take for the bubble to burst.

  2. Thanks.

    They won’t be laughing when their tax earnings come in. ^_- I have to rush out 1099 forms this year to show I didn’t keep it all. =_=

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