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On This Lonely Road…

It’s Tuesday, so it’s Justified! Watched Alcatraz again last night, and liked it. 0_0 Looking forward to tonight though, because Boyd’s in jail again, and Raylan played it out to make it happen. I’m certain Raylan thinks it’s about revenge for Ava, but I think it’s something more…definitely.


French toast for dinner tonight! So bad for me but so delicious. Speaking of badness, my branch has been on this downer for the month of January. It’s such a dead time for us, and getting my ref #’s is like pulling teeth. :/ Every day is an exercise in patients in tolerating those I need not tolerate. It’s a good lesson for me, learning to take orders again and being part of a team. Humbling, but good for the gray matter.

Speak of idiocy and intolerance—being told that promoting my gender in an unequal world is immature and stupid…yeah, I nearly got bothered, until I realized I was dealing with a young man who hasn’t been alive near half as long as I have. He’s my son’s age. I can’t take that seriously, sorry.

On a professional banking note: if I hear the expression WOW-FACTOR, one more time…I’m going to smack someone. =_=;
My daughter’s bedroom is near complete, and Jazzy is happy to have Maggie back to herself. Lee is not happy because it’s Jazzy’s room and she can’t be in there, and so she’s showing her ass out here, being a brat. Cats are so much more complicated, than kids.


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