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Weekend of Writery Schtuff

I’ll be catching the series finale of Hell on Wheels tonight, but so far, this weekend has been relatively mellow.

We went into the city for the Austin Home and Garden Show… lame BTW. Not as good as it has been in past years; sorely missing were the silk plant dealers, the Home Depot/Lowe’s training areas, and more active involvement from HGTV. Sadly, their only guest this year was some Dallas Decorator that, quite frankly, is pretty much like every other Dallas Decorator–so nothing amazing there. Don’t get me started on the fact that Austin CapMetro still is not running on the weekends. Idiots.

Aw…everybody needs to stop picking on Tebow (I do find the mockery funny) as long as he’s not looking at the camera after his winning throws and telling me “hey Jew, repent!”, his show of faith is not out of line.  People need to chill.

Publisher in Italy wants to expand Roulette to a two-volume release; which would mean that Roulette would need to be near 300 pages, as opposed to the 200+ I have right now.  I’ve added an 80’s bath house scene to flesh out the first portion of the book–(it was a scene I removed for RUSH for page-count purposes, it shows how Riley put the money back into Cabrini-Mob accounts without getting caught stealing it!) but I’m struggling with volume 2’s closing chapter.  I was going to end it after the big reveal, and then add some side story– but feedback from various friends (all men, two of them in comics) tell me I need a more emotional epilogue.  My illustrator assured me that she could fill it out with an “illustrations” section– but what she fails to realize is, it’s my name on the book.  As the writer, I can’t have a chapter ending story in a book filled with pin ups.  0_0  Yes, she has her fandom, and I appreciate that she does– but so do I.  =_=;  I’ve added a final chapter that I think reflects the era perfectly–it’s also a bit personal to me, because it deals with HIV and living on the cusp on what it was like, just before the HAART cocktail became common.  Colletti goes to jail of course– but when he comes out, he’s a changed man…or is he?  I also think readers will be shocked by Riley, more than once.  It’s the sort of crack-tastic plot twists that are common in BL, but the book isn’t aimed at that female audience, but hopefully, they’ll come around.  As for RUSH sales, I still have the ‘if you buy a copy of RUSH from DQ Shop, email me’ thing going on, and the emails have slowed down lately–but they still come in.  I’m not going to raise a stink, because at this point, I figure Dramaqueen is just trying to make back print costs for RUSH (I was told it made back its print cost, but I guess not) which is why Laura and I haven’t seen anymore compensation.  Laura and I have given up, but Laura has Teke Editori now, so it’s out of my hands.  Our of mind, out of mind… or some shit like that.

One thing I am concerned about is how Teke Editori will promote Roulette.  I know all about how they as a publisher have brought on the whole ‘yaoi italiani’ movement, but Roulette isn’t true Yaoi – it’s more of a “gay comi’ sort of thing.  Roulette doesn’t truly fit in with their current catalog of homoerotic comics (quite frankly, they’re all rather heavily Japanese-styled comics) and perhaps they’re looking for something more stylized in order to obtain male readers?  I wish them luck in France, where they plan to take Roulette, and other Italian titles.

I had to change the release date of Games With Me – it’s a small setback, but not a fatal one.  The book will still release, just a few months late–and it didn’t cost me as much as I feared.  Ingram/LSI has been very cool about it, so it does take the pressure off.  I also found an editor, I can’t say who because of her employment affiliation, but I appreciate her willingness to proof the title, immensely.

It’s time for me to get off of here and finish that final chapter (and its happy ending, yuk!) and get all this on a zip drive bound for Italy.  I also wish to get in some real Rail Road Tycooning today–thanks to my son getting a Dreamcast for the holiday–I’ve reacquired my passion for RRT-Gold Edition.  LOL!


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