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Not a Happy Camper Right Now

So the book won’t be releasing on Valentines Day – I’ve had to inform the printer to release my print-slot (a $$costly inconvenience BTW) and because I have NO defined release date now, my distributor has removed the title from the catalog. I’ll have to pay a fee in order to secure another placement.

😦 So the book is now $650 in the hole, before its even been released.

In better news, the book is being proofed by a pro (she works for manga pub, can’t say which one), and the artist won’t have to worry about being late with color cover for Volume 2 digital version.

I know this isn’t fatal, but I’m disappointed – when I say things, manga blogs pick them up and word spreads– now I look like an idiot. (yes I know, Dark Horse manga does this all the time– but I’m not Dark Horse manga.)


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