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Short Week!

Getting back into the swing of things—this holiday wasn’t as hectic as I dreaded. I uploaded some holiday pictures of the kids, for relatives back east. I wish they’d get a Flickr account so I could keep the pics private, but no—that’s too hard. >_>

I’ve been lettering steadily during slow times at work (I have great bosses, I really do!) and even managed to pop out a tutorial over at Deviant Art.

This weekend is going to suck – I have off from work, but I also need groceries (I hate shopping!) and I need some new clothes (again, I hate shopping!). Next weekend is my birthday, so spouse and I will be taking our annual trip into the city, but we may change up hotels this year. It’s been a tradition for us to stay on my birthday weekend, at the OMNI, and every year we’ve caught the Debutant Ball in Austin, because it takes place at the same time. Last year, it was a bit insane—loud girls and long parties—not doing that again. I guess I really am getting old. 0_0

Revisions on Episode One of Femitokon are set to start at the end of February, when production of Games with Me is completely finished, and the book has released. I need to stick to my guns if I ever want to release this series as planned.

Coffee’s done, time to get to the bank!


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