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Clementines and Home Made Caramel

I love the holidays!  I have a permanent orange thumb thanks to my overindulgance on Cuties (california mandarin oranges).   Neighbor hooked me up with some homemade caramel which he cut and wrapped himself and it’s delicious.  I’m suddenly reminded of what the wonderful Stephan Rader once said about something he ate, repeating what his daddy used to say, of course:  It’s so good, it’ll make your tongue slap your brains out!

We’ve manged to get 16 gifts for two teens and kept the budget under a thousand. We (family and spouse)  spend $700 on them this year, and I hope they like what they’re going to get.  My son is going to be particularly surprised because he’s getting something he asked for last year, but I was unable to find.  Got it this year, so that’s cool.

I had a holiday party over the weekend, and I made Kracken-Black Egg nog.  It was good; depsite the fact that I cheated and didn’t make the nog base from scratch — I used Southern Comfort non-alcoholic and combined it with Kracken, whipped cream, and fresh nutmeg.  I did get shafted on my order of naked tenders from Buffalo Wildwings; my order was supposed to be enough for 12 people–but I got enough that left me with only two little peices of chicken per person.  0_0  We had to improvise by getting some wings from Little Caesers, LOL!

Maggie got hold of my camera for the purpose taking pics of her artwork–which she claims she has no time to scan.  She put 260 some pics on that thing, but there were some great photos of her and her buddy; they’re both boisterous with the same temperament, so it’s cute to see them together.

A newcomer friend came to the party as well– but she’s quite reserved.  My son spoke to her and I thought she was going to die.  She is thirteen, so I guess it’s a given.  ^_^

This is my ignorant son and his friends – they spent the party eating and playing X-Box.   My daughter took the pic, because if I was holding the camera, my son would’ve had to have that finger surgically removed from his ass.


3 thoughts on “Clementines and Home Made Caramel”

  1. Wow. I’m impressed with the way you handled the budget. 🙂 For a couple of teenagers? You have to be dipped in bronze and then enshrined.

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