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Pre Holiday Blues

This week is moving at a snail’s pace, likely because my holiday starts next week and I have plans this weekend.  Such is life.

My daughter is torn up because an educational opportunity has sprung up for a close friend, and this means that said friend will be moving away in order to take advantage of the opportunity.  My heart breaks for her because I remember moving away from a friend at that age, and it just brings back painful memories.  The years I spent away from my friend broke the connection we had as pre-teen girls, and I think this is what my daughter feels is going to happen.  I think she’s torn on being supportive, and the desire to disconnect emotionally from losing her friend because it hurts.  I was there once, and it sucks.

Blogging at McD’s, across the street from work, large sweet tea and tired eyes.

 The Z pack the doc prescribed to take care of this sinus crap is finally working, but the residual coughing is driving me nuts.  >_<

On the production front, all inks are finally in for Games With Me, and are now in the hands of the tone artist.  I paid her early since the art was late, and if she manages to finish in a responsible time, I might give her a bonus.  I also managed to get a good friend to help me with some word-balloons.  I used her work before on Volume 1 and it was great.  I’m out of sellable copies of RUSH, and have noticed that sales have picked up for the titles stock at DQ.  Feedback from buyers has been positive in regard to dealing with the DQ Shop, let’s hope it stays that way.

Time for me to scoot over to work—I’ve got two completed manuscripts that need massive revision and rewrites, perhaps working on them will spark my muse.


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