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It’s Friday, but Who Cares

–because I work on Saturday.  :/

Still haven’t shaken this damn congestion and cough; if I have to go to the Doctor for antibiotics, I’m going to be pissed.  >_<  spouse and I went to a holiday party last night.  For starters, it was downtown, on a weeknight, after work hours.  So I had to drive from Georgetown, back to my house, then from my house, and into the city.  Pain in the fucking ass.  When I got there, I was annoyed–it took me a few minutes to decompress, but once I did, I had a good meal and a few drinks.  the first drink was free, on behalf of the party hosts.  Bummer–I would rather have had more drinks and less food, but that’s just me.

I set a sales goal for myself at work this month, and I’m a touch behind–going to try and play catch-up today, and tomorrow. Still in phase one of my ‘no social networking’ experiment, but I’ve been commenting regularly over at AfterElton on all the television shows I like.  I need to stop doing that; the only thing I need fire this laptop up for, is to write– or comic.  Bah!

I pulled two titles from the Nook today, in order to unleash them onto Kindle’s ‘lending-library’ system.  It’s a share program that pays you per shared reads,  it requires exclusivity to KINDLE.  Nook has proved a HUGE under performer, but my three of my titles are still selling regularly on it, so those will remain in the PubIt catalog.  Gadarene and Boy 90 have been transitioned exclusively to KINDLE -Select, so we’ll see how it goes and when it starts.




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