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Oh Tax Time!

Thanks to my Kindle/Nook sales, I’ve been forced send out 1099’s to my artists this year (that or pay MISC income taxes on the total amount of my sales–which I didn’t get to keep in full, I split them with my creators).   My co-creators won’t have to file (their royalties are small enough to be considered off the radar) but mine aren’t >_<

Lucky for me, I need only file for what I was paid out, which are sales from January to September.  ^_-  I can look at it with rosy eyes and be thankful for a successful sales year, all due to digital sales.  Print sales didn’t diminish, but they were smaller than I would’ve liked.  I look forward to a good year neat year, and my first books will be printing in Italy, which is exciting.

I hope next year proves more fruitful for me in terms of writing.


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