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I thought November would never end!  My doc gave me a script for this sinus medicine that’s supposed to work without freaking out my thyroid.  The amount of acetaminophen in it is ridiculously high.  I just want to stay awake at work without pain.  Today should be fun, I get to balance the ATM machine, fill it with twenties, and try not to kill my supervisor.  I’m hoping for the best, wish me luck.

We’re having a “holiday” party at our home, neighbors and friends only- I’m kinda looking forward to it–I’m going to try my damnedest to get the tiling done in my daughters room, and have it painted and ready for before the night of the party.  We’ve put the same tile in her room that we have in the main room, and she wants crimson walls (which means we’re going with white decor).

I’ve scoured amazon for zombie fiction (reading lots of it on my KINDLE lately) none of its jumping out at me, though I did enjoy World War Z. I think I’m going to move on to suspense – finally give the Steig Larsson books a try.  I haven’t read erotica since losing my ability to desire for, or engage in, sexual activity-I no longer try, because when I fail, it’s painful.


Came home tonight and ate too many pirogi.  Time to unwind with the kitties, and Masters of Horror reruns on the Sony Media Player.  I found a new author today, a KINDLE book for .99 and wow, the first ten pages blew me away.  Engaging prose–can’t wait to finish.  The book is called Seed, and it’s a horror (of course) and the author’s bio says she’s born in Poland, small world.

People have been coming into the bank and buying up quarters, dimes, and nickels.  :/  After telling this one guy today, we have no currency with any real ‘silver’ in it, he opted for the quarters and gave me this huge speech about the dollar bubble bursting and how he’s going to be prepared.  *sigh* I looked right at him and said, ‘I guess you can put the rolls in a sock swing them around for protection against the zombies, once the world ends and all.’  He looked at me a moment and when I didn’t laugh it off, he did.  Yep dude, you crazy— but I understood his fear.  Coin is safer, but only in times when people still care.

Getting off of here for the night, going to read some ‘Seed’, and get some sleep.


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