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November Check In

October and November have been chock full of disappointments on the creative and personal front.

I fizzled out of NaNoWriMo at only 2k words because we lost a teller at work and my hours are relentless. I sent royalty checks and forgot to sign one of them. My artist is late on inks and so we’re behind production schedule—so I’ll have to eat the costs of retaining my tone artist past November. Speaking of costs, I thought I was smart when I decided to ditch sending holiday flowers via online for four people (would’ve cost me about $166.00) and decided to make baskets and ship them myself. Spent about $150 with shipping—so for the hassle of dealing with USPS and driving clear across town—I get $10. Learned my lesson.

Some good did come from these past few months. KINDLE sales have increased, because their territories have increased. Nook is still a loser-I don’t even bother checking sales once a month because they’re sad: like—40$ a month, sad. =_=;

I’m enjoying Walking Dead again—and I even like Hell on Wheels. Ah, I love Hell on Wheels, now that the Swede is there! OMG – Hell on Wheels the Swede is Evergreen from Trigun!! If you’ve never seen or read Trigun, you will have no idea what I’m talking about—if you have, then you MUST watch Hell on Wheels.

When he walks around in the black suit, with his gun out…wow.

I’m hoping that December will be better for me, despite having zero free time to work on my fiction.  >_<  Deep Breaths.  Deep Breaths.


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