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Good Stuff, and Other Stuff

I was proud of myself for managing to finish the first draft of episode one for Femitkon, and have steadily worked on dialog for episode two, but I realized—my plans for writing ep two in November were a joke because I’ve got a graphic novel omnibus to letter in November/December, and then the pre-press on it (I must develop the files for digital editions AND for print) will eat up January.  Release of the omnibus is in February, which means I have a shit ton of promotional stuff to do.

March/April is dedicated to lettering my final ‘homoerotic’ graphic novel, Roulette,  which releases this summer.  I won’t be able to actually sit down and write a draft of episode two until flipping June—which is the same period I have major surgery scheduled. 0__0  Seriously? Recovery time is 5-8 weeks, and I can’t be sitting at a desk.  >_<  I might have to break down and get myself a small netbook or something for the holidays—try to write some fiction when I have a free chance.

Oh well.  I guess I’m settling in as the writer who needs years in order to finish a project…which in my opinion has always been a weakness for me—never taking the time to get it right. At this rate, it’ll take me years to complete Volume One of Femitokon– =_=;

I work long hours now – I’m out of the house by 8:30 am and I don’t get home until 6:30pm.  I have time to eat and catch a couple of tv shows before bed…so I’ve reconnected with television in a major way.

Walking Dead starts back up tonight—and it better be worth waiting for.  So far my only fix for the strange has been American Horror Story—and that’s pushing its luck—I keep trying to figure out why the hell we need Ben’s character…other than to watch him cry and jack off while naked.  I have appreciated the large amount of man candy in AHS, and noticed the lack of half-naked women…so I want to like this show!  My fav charas of the series are the Burned Man, the Gimp, and Tate…even Jessica Lange’s character brings a smile to my face—and of course I love the house.  Who wouldn’t?

*I miss Terriers, FX—I really do.*

Another show that has me interested again is Sons of Anarchy.  Last season I bailed, despite Dominic Keating being a minor cast spot, the story just got too inane.  We’re back to form this season, I hope it stays that way.  The men are back to being true disappointments on all levels, and I love watching Gemma clean up messes that Clay hasn’t made yet.

I got addicted to Boardwalk Empire, but not enough to make me sign up for HBO.  >_< Sadly, they’re being greedy with the series and you can only get it digitally through their own digital service—which is free if you sign up for HBO.  Crap.   I’ll wait until a season two-marathon gets scheduled—then sign up for a free 30 days from DirectTV.

Despite my bailing on Burn Notice (sorry, I only watched when Gavin Rossdale was on and then lost interest) I find that I adore Person of Interest–I never get tired of hearing or watching Michael Emerson, and I like Jim Caviezel.

I look forward to the return of Justified, and the new show Hell on Wheels.  When I first saw it, I hoped it might be a paranormal sort of thing like Carnivale was {remember that show?}, but it’s a historical revenge story.  While I tend to get tired of ‘Union Soldiers were bastards’ style of characterization – I want to see how the ex-Confederate manages to get his revenge while navigating the transcontinental railroad nomads (a mixed bunch for sure!) and the native Americans trying to derail the project (pun intended). I stopped watching anything Law and Order since Criminal Intent ended—but Netflix recently added the Ben Stone/Paul Robinette seasons.  Joy.  If you’re Rudy Guliani fanatic, then you loved Law and Order with Ben Stone…just saying…

I’m anxiously waiting for 11/11/11 because this is the date I’m going to see Immortals.

I walked out on the Clash of the Titans remake (not easy to do with tight tanned and toned Mads Mickelsson mostly naked and in cornrows!  It’s as epic as Tim Pigott-Smiths fro, in the original film.) but when you stray from myth so much, and make the Goddesses in your film brainless tampons…yep, I’m heading for the door.  >_<  Please Tarsem Singh, I love your work…do not disappoint me!

Speaking of mythological disappointments—the last nail went into the coffin for me with DC Comics.  Wonder Woman was fashioned from clay by her mothers hands and brought to life by the ‘Goddesses’ of Olympus (four out five origin stories agree) but now Wonder Woman is the product of Zeus… yep, he’s her father and that’s the only original story we need it seems.  *sigh*  I’m sorry DC, I’m not spending any more of my money on your comics.


2 thoughts on “Good Stuff, and Other Stuff”

  1. Hi! Its great that you are doing your projects. Keep the momentum going! I watched the Season 2 premiere of the Walking Dead yesterday. I liked it and I hope it keeps the momentum. I also noticed that there are other networks trying to capitalize on the popularity of the Walking Dead. Since I read the comic, Book 7 (in hardcover) came out as well as the novel about the Rise of the Governor.

    Hell on Wheels looks interesting too. I saw bits and pieces of Clash of the Titans on Cinemax. Meh, I’m certainly glad I didn’t spend $8-10 on the movie ticket.

    Where on earth do I begin with the DC “new” 52! When it was first announced and DC showed all those 52 covers in their Facebook page, I immediately stated “the 90’s have come back with a vengeance” as well as other comments. Once Paul Levitz stepped down and Dan Didio AND Jim Lee took over, DC was going straight to the crapper! I was getting tired of reading the comments about how this “event” is going to save the comic industry because its not just not. I moved on and I’m getting back issues. I recently got the New Teen Titans omnibus vol. 1 by Marv Wolfman and George Perez. Its baffling that Marvel ended the 40+ year continuity run of Uncanny X-Men (with a “final” issue) but only for it to relaunch with Uncanny X-Men #1 soon after. I love the X-Men back then but now, it just sucks. I could care less with what’s going on with DC and Marvel right now because my money is going elsewhere. ^_^

  2. I’ve never supported Marvel, so I had no idea they did away with an X-Men line. 🙂

    Maggie and I got free tix to Clash and we ended up walking out. >_< It was that bad.

    Thanks for commenting!

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