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Sour Patch Kid

The Scene and Structure class I’m taking is so HARD.  I applied my current work in progress to the instructors model and it’s a huge pain in the ass–but it does show some of the flaws I had in certain chapters.   I’m working on fixing those issues, as they arise.  ^_-

I don’t want to start this post out on a sour note—but I must, so here’s the pucker. I don’t like being a douche bag. I used to…no really, I used to like being the ‘mean girl’ and the ‘confrontational-creator’ – I thought it made me powerful, scary, and cool.  It didn’t, and since bettering myself, I don’t engage in those sorts things anymore. It’s too toxic. So these days, I don’t like being ‘the douche bag’ and yet lately, I’ve found I’ve had to resort to playing the part, because some people just…bring it out in me.

  •  My Facebook account is not under ‘Tina Anderson’, nor is it ‘yaoi writer’, with pics of half naked gender ambiguous dudes of questionable age spewed upon by bara-style menfolk.  None of this is anywhere on my Facebook page. I even have a disclaimer: If you’re a fan of my work, thanks! But this is my personal space, please respect it – yada yada yada I won’t be friending you back if I have no clue who you are, or if I don’t find you interesting. 0_0
    • So yeah, had to say no to a few people and got some serious attitude.  I should be thankful for the fans that I have because no one like GloBL anyway. That was my favorite.
  • Another shitty thing was the email I got about a title that wasn’t even mine.  Allegedly, something I wrote was being raped yet again by the publisher I sold it to.  Honestly? It wasn’t my work, and even if it was—once you sell it completely to the publisher, it’s theirs.
    • I’m not going to come out and complain on how that publisher handles a story they paid for, just because some folks have an issue with the CEO.

I’m so beyond that…seriously.

In other news—full time work is kicking my ass. I’m out of the house by 8:30 am and I’m not home until 6:30 pm – factor in that I’ll be trekking to the gym at night starting next week, and I wont be home until 8:30 pm. Fall is coming (despite the fact that we won’t see weather below 90 degrees until October) and that means it gets dark earlier in the night…so it’ll feel like I have to come home, and sleep. =_=;

I need to get my shit together.

NaNoWriMo starts soon, and I promised I’d do it this year. I’m transitioning the series bible from the public wikia account, to a private wordpress account. I had no idea I’d be unable to lock up the wikia or control what’s unseen…so wordpress can assure me of that, and, it can be used a reference tool while I write—because I can export it to my KINDLE.

On the hobby front, things are going good for a change with the circle (I don’t like calling myself a small publisher, when all I publish is my own stuff…). A minor profit this quarter, and tones began on a print title coming out in February.


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