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Oh Paypal, I Just Can’t Quit You.

Ppal Employee: How can I assist you today?

Me: Person I sent money to a freelancer for a job they’re doing, and she got charged a fee to access her funds.  We’re both verified, so—why the fee?

Ppal Employee: A service fee of .30 cents per transaction is assesed whenever we have to process a payment from a credit card, or debit card used as credit. An additional 2.9 percent is charged based on the amount of the transaction.

Me: Wow, really? I remember, once upon a time, when you were free.

Ppal: That was a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.

Me: You’re very funny T**, your talents are wasted logging calls for Paypal.

Ppal: Thanks, that’s sweet.

Me: That wasn’t sweetness, that was sarcasm—the other white meat.

Ppal: If you fund your balance with the amount you plan to spend, and then pay operating costs from that balance, you won’t incur a fee.

Me: Will do. Thanks T**.  Go ahead and send me a customer service survey, I’ll give you props.

Ppal: You will?

Me: No.   Seriously though, thanks a lot, you answered my questions.


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