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Shark Night 3D – In a Nutshell

Asked to clarify Shark Night 3D


  • Free 3D Glasses.
  • Sharks coming off screen at you.
  • Donal Logue as a bitter redneck sheriff rocking out to 80’s hair bands.
  • Attractive redneck with scar, is attractive.
  • Cookie Cutter sharks eating what was a lame oft used female character type.
  • Dead ‘gay Corbet’ from Supernatural, is the hero.
  • Real Racist stays true to his values and doesn’t sexually harass Hispanic girl.


  • Not enough shark attacks
  • Token black guy saddled with ‘balling is my only way out of the hood’ sub-plot.
  • Token Jewish guy cracking all the best snark, and still not getting laid.
  • Empowered girl is just a big wuss that can’t handle stress.
  • Closeted gay pretty boy remains in the closet.
  • Two white people are the only ones smart enough to be left alive for sequel.

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