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Smitey McSmiter

It’s been a LONG ass day.

We had new software build this morning for our teller program, but when we came in, the teller program icon was missing from the desktop and from the program-menu.   Now at any normal company, I’d just be able to go in and launch it from the file directory…but not so at my place of work.  They spent so much time locking the tellers out of simple procedures on the desktop (yeah, we can’t even double click on the date and bring the calendar up…scary unsecured that is, people!) that they effectively fucked us this morning, and I had to spend 15 minutes on hold waiting for IT to get on the machine from his side and say ‘wow, they really locked these systems down!’  No shit dude, welcome to progress.  Long story stupid, our teller program was up and running by 9:30.  Oh, did I mention we open at 9?  …and that today was Saturday, so there were people waiting to hit the drive-through and walk in at 8:55?

 The day was easy-street after that.  ^_-

I became addicted to reading Shigurui after seeing the anime brought over by Funimation.  Wow.  There is no happy ending for anyone in that series–and rightfully so, none of these characters deserved to be happy.  0_0

Speaking of comics– Lynsley is almost finished with inks on Games with Me, volume 2.  The entire book will be re-toned for the print Omnibus – and volume 2 will release digitally early in 2012.

 On a writing note:  while I appreciate anyone with a crit or comment on something I’m writing—please keep in mind that the ‘Femitokon Wiki at Wikia’is not a public-HEY LOOK AT ME GROW- sort of wiki.  I can’t lock it from public view, because I need to access it when the mood hits me, and that mood isn’t always at home, on my own computer. It’s a series bible of sorts, with growing notes, and I hit those notes, when I’m writing away from my desk at home. If you’ve left comments, and some of you have—I don’t get those comments, nor do they appear.

Sorry.  😦


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