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Fun, on My Day Off…

Publisher hat was on all day today, so this blog post is going to be…grumpy.

Got my new story Boy 90, uploaded to KINDLE and Nook–and naturally, one is ePub and they other is AZW and so both needed to be formatted for each reader–which means image sizes and layout, and all the crap that makes you wish the Blair Witch would show up and just make you stand in the corner until your brains fall out.

This is Beck and River, from Boy 90
She does some evil shit to him, but that’s been my mood lately.

Today was spent breaking down, and then dolling out royalties.  No offense, but Kobo sales are a joke to nearly every person I’ve spoken to, and they require way too much in cataloging Meta for me to even consider them worth the time.

Royalties would’ve been easier had it not been for the fact that PubIt does not give you a ‘sales per title’ option, when downloading your reports.  I guess just giving us 70% of our sales means that you get to do the least amount that any distributor can do, in order to report sales.  My issue is, I’m required to show itemized sales via screen grab or printout, to four separate women, so a little feature like ‘reports by title’, would be fucking appreciated, as it’s not one artist’s business what another artist makes or vice-versa; and making ghetto marker lines with a sharpie on printed sales tables, IS LAME.

On the subject of sales reports…it would be nice to get Quarter 1 sales in June like I was promised…you know who you are, you slacker assholes.

Loud Snow turned 1, and that means a price drop and wider distribution–with returns.  >_<  Sure, sales will pick up—but if I get a vendor that churns, I’m screwed.  I don’t want some douche book-buyer over buying copies they never plan to shelve, just so they can negotiate with my distributor on HOW NOT TO PAY THEM.

Biggest disappointment has been Nook.  Mind you, in December and January—it was the greatest thing since the invention of Wonder Bread…but sales have died off so much, and a review advocating the theft of one of my titles [great story, but no sex, just read it in the store] still remains up, and that’s exactly what people are doing.  ‘Full downloads’ outnumber my sales for Loud Snow.  Oddly enough, the boycott called for on the KINDLE actually caused my KINDLE sales to go up.  Go figure.

In happier news, new story releases this month – and I’ve become addicted to Amazon Instant downloads.  As a Prime member, it’s competitive with Netflix in that—I pay $7.99 a month for unlimited downloads; but with Prime, I pay $75 a year for unlimited downloads.  Do the math.  Per year, it’s actually better. 0_0  HuLu Plus still isn’t making all its net content commercial free—big fail.

I’m getting off of here and grilling some marinated chicken.  Damn I’m grumpy. >_<


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