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Life, so Far

Up early this morning, about an hour before my usual alarm time in order to get some things finished.  My vacation/holiday went well, met some new people and generally mellowed out.  I got about 5k into a new short story before I stopped and said, “This is shit.”  Stepped back and didn’t touch it for a few days, and before I knew it, I was roped into a serial project that I’ve been anxious to get started.  I’ve no commitments, there are no expectations of me in a genre that has no clue I exist…therefore, I can write what I want, when I want.

It’s liberating to write as a hobby again.

My trainer now has me alternating workouts: everyday the elliptical, and M-W-F, the elliptical and weight training.  =_=; its killing me to keep up the elliptical every day and add weight training to it.  I’m going to try.  I’ve had occasional lapses in my no-carb diet, but I’m going make more of an effort to ensure I stick to it.

Justified last night was very good—but I’m disappointed that Raylan didn’t shoot Dickie [he’s not getting the –ey, sorry—he’s too much of a manchild to warrant an –ey] and as usual, his Mommy has to save him again.  It’s going to be interesting to see the Bennet’s and the Crowder’s go to war.   Speaking of TV, was Archer’s finale last week?  If it was I cry foul because I’m a little tired of the micro-seasons.  I appreciate good programming—which channels like FX, USA, Starz, and AMC are putting out on tier cable [I count Starz in there because all their original programming gets streamed on Netflix instant within 24 hours of original broadcast, and I don’t have to pay for a premium channel to see it], but these mini runs of shows with HUGE gaps between seasons, are killing me.  I do realize that by churning out ‘2 prime-time seasons’ a year, these networks can double up on ‘premier’ episode viewer-ship and sell advertising slots accordingly, —but I hate waiting SOOO long between seasons.  >_< Argh. Shows I want back now are Terriers, Sons of Anarchy, Walking Dead [PLEASE LET THE NEW WRITERS REMEMBER THAT IT’S A HORROR SERIES—NOT JUST ‘HUMAN DRAMA ON POST-APOCALYPTIC EARTH’…I can see that shit on one of Discovery channels “Life After…”  reality shows], Law and Order CI, In Plain Sight, and Burn Notice.   Also, I’m seriously hurting for a good sci-fi series.  Stargate Universe put me to sleep after episode three—actually it put me to sleep after focusing fifteen minutes on a lame ass sex scene when we could’ve seen character development somewhere else…anywhere else…  even BSG‘s Baltar and Six got lame after a awhile, but at least there were other characters to care about.

I went back to work yesterday for the first time in over a ten days – it was nice to be back.  Not jazzed about my banks current promotional.  The bank looks to bring in new money, but its shafting current account holders by not allowing them the opportunity to change their current account to the new one—which earns better interest.  It has to be new money—I know why they’re doing it…so established customers are forced to sit down with a banker, and those bankers can get full profiles and the company can learn more about who’s banking with us [in our market most folks have multiple banks because they’re rate shoppers.  They’re retirees living off their savings and checking account monthly interest rates.] It seems like a huge amount of work just to get detailed info about customers banking habits; but I’m not surprised.

In better news, I got to work with our new LT, Marty.  Like I said before, he’s Ray Gillette, without the stache.  He’s a joy to work with so far, let’s hope he stays that way.  Another bombshell at work is our regions ‘Mystery Shop’ scores.  They’re so bad that our Regional Head Honcho is about to do something drastic and make us sign papers that indicate we are aware that ‘Inviting all customers’ to sit down with a banker is PART OF THE JOB.  And if we fail to do it on a certain number of Mystery Shops, we lose our Jobby-Job.  [ROFFLECAKES]  When a Mystery Shopper comes in, tellers tend to suspect because it’s someone they’ve never seen before—they come in and are chatty during their transaction—what’s tough about my branch is, we service mostly retirees, and some of those people gets jobs as Mystery Shoppers.  >_<  It’s happened twice, a customer we see at least once a week [I call them repeat-offenders] get a part-time job as a Mystery Shopper, and then FUCKING SHOP US.  Of course we’re not going to invite a customer we see weekly, really?  What stymies me is, they as shoppers couldn’t go to a branch they’ve never been to?  WTF?

Enough for today—I’ve got to haul the kiddos to school and finish some last minute edits on a short that’s releasing next month, before I head into work.


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