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Monday Things

Maggie’s birthday was this weekend, and sadly she was sick for the whole thing.  :/  She came home from a dance on Friday night and was sneezing and feeling generally shitty.  By Saturday morning, she was schnockered.   Her cake came out great, it featured some Silent Hill 2 fanart from a talented DA friend, which I wont post because he’s not been paid for his art—Saturday night was spent watching Hetalia 1 and 2 and then Crayon Shin Chan.   [thank you Funimation and Netflix Instant!]. Ian became a real issue last night and I had to lay the smack down.  First, when I need to speak to you, you unlock your door.  When I tell you to do something, you do it without expressing your thoughts on me or my mental state.  That’s it.  Don’t like it, get out.  I’ll transport you to Texas Child Services myself—you’ll be the envy of all the truly ill-treated kids because you’ll be delivered in a Mercedes and a new haircut.

My no-carb diet and 5-day a week workout routine is still in full swing.  It does not help that I have a sub to Food Network Magazine and their issue this month is all about smoothies, and left-over sandwiches.  =_=;

Final edits on Boy 90 finish this week!  I can’t believe how much I revised on this weekend– editor is going to kill me.  New story starts work during Passover, and it’s going to be a cool one—not as sci-fi, more like very DARK comedy.

Today is a cool day in Texas—winds, cool temps, some thunder in the sky.  It’s nice enough to open the windows.  Great day to have off.


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