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It’s Friday and I’m Rambling.

OK—I like the new album by White Lies…and I also like Interpol’s new one. I’m amazed at how some listeners complain because each album is either ‘underwhelming’ or ‘un-evolved’. I don’t think Interpol needs to evolve. I like their sound and hope they never change it. “Julian Plenty” has a sound similar, but it’s not Interpol and that’s ok. I like them both. As for White Lies – it was a pity their Euro tour was scheduled the same time as SXSW, I’d love to have seen them again this year.   The first thing I did when I got my wristband was check the Stubbs schedule for White Lies and NO SHOW.  Boo. =_=;    How can some listeners say there’s no ‘punch’ in this new album? Holy Ghost is an amazing song–Is Love is an amazing song. Bigger Than Us is no To Lose My Life, but it’s still a great shit. I don’t want these bands to evolve or change – I’m still haunted by the coolness of Duran Duran in the early 80’s and their subsequent sail to suckage with Seven and The Ragged Tiger. Please White Lies and Interpol— do not pull a Seven and the Ragged Tiger.  DO NOT CHANGE

I’ve become a Dunkin Donuts coffee addict. I bought a bag on a whim last month, just to compare it to Starbucks—its damn good stuff. 0_0   The grocery store didn’t have my turbo flavor today, so I bought a bag of Entenmann’s Coffee, will try that tomorrow.   My thyroid is officially regulated– again.  If I had a dime for ever time a doctor told me this,  I could finally buy that Barbie I’ve had my eye on at the Walmart. Since going to a ZERO carb diet and working out five days a week on the elliptical, I’ve dropped ten pounds in this month.  I knew exercise wasn’t enough; I just didn’t want to admit it. >_<   Do I mind eating no carbs? Yes. I miss my potatoes, rice, noodles, and bread—but even portioning those was not working in tandem with my exercise.  Perhaps once I get to the weight I was a couple years ago, I ‘ll go back to ‘some carbs’ but at this time…no way.  Lucky for me, there’s a plethora of precooked roasts and meat entrée’s – I buy those, split them into two meals and toss some canned vegetable in there.  So far so good and it’s better than ANY pre packaged freeze-dried crap you have to pay for up front, and never eat.

So I tried the let me handle my own grades game plan with my son this semester, and its not working. He’s failing three classes again, mostly due to not turning in homework—honestly? How the hell do FAIL gym class? Seriously? It seems he’s not dressing for gym and he’s not handing in written work. Seriously? How the fuck do you have written work in gym class?? 0_o It seems that participation is no longer the main requirement in passing gym—which by the way, is now called ‘Personal Fitness’ and he’s got a 50.  My daughter’s lowest grade is an 88 – and that’s in math. She tanked a quiz on Rectanglar & Triangular Prisms and then bombed a test on Geometry & Measurement. I do not chastise my daughter for her grades because she’s still ranked in the top 10% of her school district—however, How the hell do you  ‘not-get’ geometry when you draw comics?

Always curious about my name on the net—so I googled. I had no idea that Comics Should Be Good reviewed a book of mine. I remember sending in material [Loud Snow was returned to me because the sender wasn’t there anymore] but other materials were sent. Lucky for me the review was good [they’re gonna hate Only Words!], but I think I acted like a jerk when asking for better ‘link-to’ sales options. :/  I hope I didn’t offend anyone.  ALSO—I noticed that the wiki page on me was added to, I was wondering when someone was going to note that I’m no longer writing GloBL.  I guess they were waiting for a better citation other than my own blog or Twitter. ((^_^))  Ok, my daughter says that putting my face on my web site is the most egotistical thing she’s ever seen.   0_0  It’s no different than an authors face on the dust jacket of a book–so I am what I am.

Speaking of writing, I start revisions for ‘Boy 90’ this weekend—I don’t have to work a Saturday AND I have Monday off. Don’t ask me how I managed that one; my manager must have been out to lunch when she did the schedules.   I’ve been juggling various short projects, but Boy 90 is getting my focus, it’s going to be part of a short story anthology I’m writing.

As for work, the branch interviewed two lead tellers this week, both are guys. We have no men in our branch, so May will be interesting.  Times have changed you know, it’s time to start giving the menfolk access to the cash, and positions behind the teller line. ^_^

Spouse and I are still catching up on BSG via Netflix download.  Other highlights this week were Justified [as always] and last nights ep of Archer.  The Rampage was excellent.  Can’t wait till next week though… the promo clip for that was priceless.


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