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SXSW, Fanzines, and Lost Moolah

Feeling nebbish this morning since sending back the first round of edits [copy edits mind you, the easy stuff] on Boy 90.  I suspect the concept and plotting edits are going to be a bit harder – as they are for all egotistical brats like me.

Pondering the meaning of the word ‘fan-zine’ and how it’s morphed online from its original ‘magazine for fans of INSERT GENRE HERE’ to ‘magazine for fans of INSERT NAME OF SPECIFIC SHOW, COMIC, BAND, ACTOR, FILM – HERE’. It’s a weird thing, especially with anime/manga fans. The term fanzine specifically means ‘doujinshi’ which erroneously still means fan comic in a sense that its ‘a comic based on an existing show, book, character, or game’.  ‘Doujinshi’ means ‘ANYTHING self-produced in the fandom of pop-culture’ [which in Japan is mostly games, anime, manga, musical bands, or films]. It’s not just comics, and it’s not just comics about a show/game/etc. It’s anything self-produced that appeals to fans of pop-culture genres like anime/manga or gaming/music. Again, ‘fan of a genre’ – not ‘fan of specific thing’ in that genre. So if I were to create a ‘fanzine’ dedicated to my taste in ‘feminist science fiction/horror/spec’, how many online critics and readers would say ‘but it’s not a “real” fanzine/doujinshi.’

One of my most epic stupid moments happened on Tuesday:  I managed to lose $40 whilst paying for train passes at the ticket machine.   They must have fallen free of my purse when I pulled a twenty from my wallet.  I felt like a complete tool. I’d planned on using that cash to pick up a new X-Box remote for my spouse, since his old one is on the fritz. My daughter ‘magically’ found 2 twenties under her seat at the end of the day, but then I realized moments later that she’d sold a $120 worth of games to Gamestop on Monday, and spent $20 of it on an MP3 player—which left her with a $100 even—that morning she spent only $2 on a soda and gum and yet when she was counting her money, she had only $50 bucks. I questioned her about it on the spot and realized she was trying to give me $40 of her own cash so I wouldn’t be bummed out.  I gave it back and told her I appreciated the gesture, but I wasn’t broke, just stupid. ^_-


SxSW was cool, yet we might have done without the screaming kids on the train ride home. Honestly, what possesses some women to have one child right after the other, then cluster up in a group and let their kids loose in a public place/space and think it’s OK for them to ‘blow off steam’ at the expense of everyone else.  I’ve bred, I know what kids are like – but my spouse and I never took our kids to public places and let them act like philistines in the hope that by the time we got them home, they’d be so tired we’d be able to control them. >_<  I knew what the women were doing because it was obvious they were ignoring the screaming kids.  My spouse and I were tempted to do shit like this ourselves at times, —but we also had child-free friends, so we were acutely aware that yes ‘it takes a village’ but NO–not all villagers are responsible for enduring our little ones.  Sadly, three of the most obnoxious children sat behind my teens and the ride was anything but pleasant.   At least the ride in was peaceful…

Maggie and Ian got their barbs in, and I know the women next to us heard them.   My daughter at one point demanded to know why I wouldn’t speak up and tell them ‘to corral their kids.’ I wasn’t about to tell another woman to control her kid, as I think they felt shitty enough by my kids glares and snarky comments.

Yep, ‘takes a village’ is a two way street.


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