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It’s my vacation this week, and I’m hitting SxSW because it’s right in my back yard. Literally. 0_0 Kiddos and I are taking train into Austin tomorrow to check some things out.

Sent off my story Boy 90 to an editor last week. I was hoping to get revisions back this week while I was off, and I hoped to start a new story– which I might still do today if it stays this quiet.

I planned on paying out Nook royalties from the last two weeks of December 2010, in with the payout scheduled for June–but Amelie needed money [the donation drive wasn’t my first clue] and so I tallied up December sales from the Nook and sent them her way. Her share amounted to just over $100 so I hope it helps. Also sent Lynsley her share from Games with Me sales; sadly– Gadarene wasn’t up on Nook in December because of issues with iBookstore demanding exclusivity. After some fucktardery on their part, I was able to remove my title from their catalog. Once that was sorted out, I was able to get Gadarene on to the Nook by January, and luckily the device still had that ‘new car scent’ so sales were still abnormally high. February/March sales have evened out on the Nook and are now on par with KINDLE sales. I knew once Nook’s ‘I got a new gadget boom’ passed, sales would return to a normal pace. They’ll pick up again when I release Games 2 and Roulette in the second half of the year.

I do plan on releasing Games 2 through DMP, only because it’s connected to Games 1, which is currently on eManga [as is Loud Snow] — as for any new material, no. Sorry eManga fans, but they take too much per download. BUT, the DMP brand is sacred with some fans, so they’re a great company to digitally distribute through, and they’re always there when you need them. I won’t steer away any original creator wishing to sell their digital editions through their eManga site.

Just don’t let them be your “only” distributor. ^_-


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