It’s March first, damn.

I guess the good news is – I’m writing again.

One short story of 11,5k words for a start, and once the words came out I found it easier to begin another story.  I’m jazzed about that, it’s nice to be productive again. Not quite sure where it fits in with the genre police; takes place on an icy penal planet—about an ex-cop imprisoned there, and a boy who finds his way to her room during a storm.

My daughter’s drama class had a play this month, and I was very proud of her up there.  I’m not quite sure what to make of her–she’s a great artist for her age, good on stage, and yet she’s busting her head trying to ‘write’.  Tens of ‘how to write’ books–I think she’s boning up on the study so she can write a good graphic novel.  I don’t have the heart to tell her to steer clear—but I’ll support her no matter what she ends up doing.

The boy is bound for the military, I can just feel it.  :/  I don’t have much more to say on that subject.

My annual review at the bank listed me as ‘strong’, though inconsistent on the ‘referring’ front.  Not big news there; but I got my raise.  ^_- We lost our Lead Teller, which sucks – and I hope they replace her soon.

I’ve abandoned Kobo as an eBook distributor; their main outlet is the Kobo Reader for Borders and they require too much pre-press bullshit just to sell to one reader.  ONIX cataloging, exclusive ISBN for the ebook, and various other headaches that equal hours on the computer.   I’m a writer, not an eBook maker.  I’m thankful Amazon and are the largest retailers these days, because their willingness to do this sort of cataloging with little effort from the publisher is mondo cool. <— Yes, I said that.

Here’s a TMI moment I’d like to share – I’m having sex again.  I gave up hope there for about eight years, but the desire to engage has returned.  It’s not like wildfire, but it’s no longer continental drift.

It’s time to shove off for work, because no Lead Teller means more hours for me.  I’m off tomorrow, I need to pick up some food for the month and try to touch up the dialog on that first draft; and then I’m sending to an editor for some advice and clean-up.  Her rates are great, and I’m gearing up for the revisions marathon.



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