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A Loud Snowballs Chance in Hell.

I’ve survived worse odds.  ((^_^))

Loud Snow [my globl doujinshi with artist Amelie Belcher] is on the list of nominations for Best New Yaoi Manga 2010 over at Naturally, I’m aware that there’s NO WAY a globl doujinshi is ever going to beat such fresh NEW yaoi titles like Kizuna. Maiden Rose, or Cute Devil– mainly because no matter how old those titles are, they’re still REEL YOWEE and Loud Snow is just some unacceptable-clone as evidenced here in this display of dickery.

Yet I’m jazzed to be nominated [and thankful the friends that I begged to nominate it took pity on me enough to do so].   I know we won’t win up against the real deals and the uberfans of the Japanese product, but it’s nice to see an original English language book up there…it’s even nicer when it’s one of mine.  (^_-)


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