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Well Sisters, It’s Come to This

…that’s right:  prepared portioned meals and a personal training schedule.



I tried to do it myself, I truly did.  For a time it was working—then the holidays hit and I consciously made the decision to say ‘fuck it’.   It was easy at first—putting off exercise mainly because of my work schedule in December, the holiday treats, and those traditionally evil winter dinners designed to pack on the pounds.   Of course January rolled around and I said: I will work out every day in January.

As always, saying I’m going to do it and imagining myself doing it whilst watching endless hours of new programming available on Netflix instant IS MUCH EASIER then getting in the car and driving for 3 minutes to the gym and actually working out.


I visited the gym 3 times in January – not 31 times, as planned.


I gained back ALL of the pounds I lost whilst working out over the summer and fall.   O_O


So my gym got serious.  SnapFitness doesn’t seem the sort to be happy taking my monthly dues and never seeing me.   Nah, unlike most corporate run fitness hovels, they’re inclined to email or call to guilt me into coming back in.   I’m now on a diet plan that requires me to log what I eat at their web site.  I also have to log my workouts—and I can’t cheat because I can only log in my workouts after my membership card has been swiped in order to get into the building.  Damn.


*sigh*  and it’s Girl Scout Cookie time.   (((>____<)))


3 thoughts on “Well Sisters, It’s Come to This”

  1. Hi! Hang in there! It hard to lose the weight and its even harder to keep it off. I’m not sure if you gotten into the habit of reading nutritional labels. I have yet its a bit time consuming. It gets on my brother’s nerves whenever we go grocery shopping but its worth reading what I’m about to purchase and consume.

    Back in college, I took a great nutrition class that truly taught me portions, nutrition labels, and vitamin toxicity. I also learned that partially hydrogenated ________ oil (fill in the blank) is trans fat. Even though many food labels say 0 grams of trans fat, FDA states that if its under 0.5 grams of fat, its considered 0. So even though foods say 0 grams of trans fat yet the ingredients have partially hydrogenated ______, it still has trans fat. I read somewhere that the recommend daily intake is 2 grams of trans fat yet one can easily go overboard. My brother LOVED eating the ramen noodles but had to stop eating them because he has hypertension (he’s only 37). I’m literally floored at the sodium (and MSG) content of the ramen and other Japanese noodle soups.

    Good luck with your weight loss endeavors! ^_^

  2. You’re welcome! I remember the affordable ramen noodles and Maruchan noodles in styrofoam cups. Its a good thing that your kids are no longer eating it. Even the “low sodium” ramen noodles still had a lot of salt. The last time I checked at my local HEB store, it was no longer in stock. Either its selling like hot cakes or its discontinued.

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