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Pointless Updates

Slimmed down on who I follow at twitter because I think following 50 people is my limit.  :/  I’ve woefully neglected Facebook, I will try to rectify that this year.  Thanks to KINDLE I have fallen back into reading.  Mostly short stories these days, but it’s been interesting.  I’ve learned that my reading comprehension is at an all time low.  0_0  I think I’ve read too many graphic novels over the years and now lines of ‘words on a page’ just fatigue my brain.

My plans for the year are simple; I’m going to write some short stories – complete my lessons in toning so I can tone the last of my graphic novel releases, and endeavor to do cardio every day so that my heart doesn’t go on strike because of surplus weight.

I’d hoped Loud Snow made some best of 2010 lists, but it didn’t.  Boo.  It has great distro [except I won’t deal with Diamond] and is available pretty much everywhere—and my sales for print are just as good as my digital sales.  Speaking of digital sales—KINDLE is still the best sales outlet for all my digital editions.  Nook had a surge in December and has been steady since, but they haven’t quite captured the name consistent numbers as Amazon.  They’re almost half-way there, we’ll see.  I begin Kobo distribution soon, so we’ll see how that goes.  I’ve not heavily promoted my eManga releases, you all know why, but my work doesn’t seem to sell to their market anyway.  I say ‘their market’ because they seem to have fans loyal to reading only from their site, and sadly—my work doesn’t sell to them.

Days at the bank are moving slow this week, only because I have a five-day personal-time off week coming up.  >_<  It can’t get here fast enough!


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