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Nook Nerdery and KINDLE-tardery

UPDATE:  I’ve had to remove Only Words and Games With Me from Nook because of display issues.  :/  My epubs verify in more than one verification program, but my images are shrinking in the PubIt upload.  I can’t upload the unconverted PDFs because of PubIt inability to handle anything over 20MB [they should be able to take files that are 24 MB in order to convert to ePub, but they won’t even do that.]  Sadly, I’m going to have to go through every image file [100 plus pages per book] and lower the res before I write to PDF.  >_< What I time consuming pain in my ass.  Thanks PubIt.

UPDATE 2:  Hopefully the problem’s been fixed??

This is where I get a bit silly and geek out.  I hit the Barnes and Noble tonight to grab an vanilla frap and couldn’t resist checking out the Nook.  They have color and BW -I cannot tell you how satisfied I am with the display of my books on this device.  My only complaint is that their network is not as quick as Whispersync – but all in all, it looks great.


Speaking of whispersync, here is some more geekery featuring Only Words,  on the latest KINDLE –





2 thoughts on “Nook Nerdery and KINDLE-tardery”

  1. Thanks Katrina. It’s weird seeing my work on those things– I didn’t get a chance to check out Nook color because there were other people using it, but overall – I prefer my KINDLE.

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