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Tea Time


I just got back this morning from my b-day trip into town and yes, I saw the news coverage regarding Giffords.  Sadly, the last time I heard of Giffords was when another politician [Sarah Palin] put her on a ‘hit list’.  :/

There’s going to be two forms of reaction today in internet-land:  the first will be from types who’ll scold us for having too many guns and too many gun-rights [oh you evil  registered gun owners, we’re not the 13 colonies anymore, let’s cut back on the firearms…!] and the second [the more sensible critics–the ones I’ll take seriously] will ponder why many overzealous public figures fail to realize that their scope of influence on people can and will drive them to do more than just vote.    Obviously, I’ll ignore the former critz because hey,  if this dude wanted to take out Giffords – he was going to do it with a bomb, flamethrower, or knife–if a demented persons goal is to take you out– easy access to a gun is NOT THE ISSUE. Take your scarecrow made of straw and plant it somewhere else.   Zealots exist on both sides of the fence – liberals have them, so do conservatives.  They’re all terrorists – period.  Just because this kid is white and American, doesn’t change the fact that he’s a terrorist.  He should be treated the same way we treat all terrorists– sadly, I doubt this will happen.  He’ll be sectioned off as ‘middle class man gone wrong let’s get him a psyche evaluation and a good lawyer‘.  I know this because terrorists as devout as this young man currently operate on the front lines of the Pro-Life movement; those terrorists kill doctors, injure nurses, and terrorize bystanders everyday and break the law, that’s how they are treated— with the best defense awarded by our constitution.  :/

My condolences to the families of all those involved in the tragedy.


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