It’s My Birthday

True story:  My daughter and I were driving down Parmer Avenue after picking up her precious Moleskin journals at the Borders in the Domain, when sitting at the light near route 620, a guy pulls up alongside of us and I kid you NOT– he looked exactly like Ralph Macchio from The Outsiders.  I spotted him and said ‘OMG, it’s Johnny Cade!’ and my daughter looked over and began laughing.  I swear, he looked just like the Karate Kid.  It was funny.

My daughter made this card for my birthday last night –

I find this insufferably adorable.

One thing I did note was… I no longer have the Jewfro, I’ve had my hair straight for quite some time…yet this is likely the way my daughter will see me, forever. ((^_^))


5 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday and may you have many more birthdays to celebrate. ^_^

    I watched the Seahawks and Saints game, who in the bloody hell saw that coming! It doesn’t matter which team wins the wild card round because its already overshadowed by Seahawks’ upset win. Right now, I’m watching the Colts vs. Jets game.

  2. Bwaha! We were at the GingerMan pub downtown just before the crowds hit–and the game was on, and I was watching portions of that game and going… wow, really? Saints fans are so superstitious too, I’m sure there’s plenty a house today where everyone is mad at someone for turning off the front light or making popcorn instead of nachos. XD

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