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Hallo, dis is Peggy…

Things have been hectic lately, and none of it has to do with creative things.  ^_-  Thanksgiving and Hanukkah were literally back to back this year, eating up any free time I might have for the computer.  Now that the Lights Fez is coming to a close in a few, I have Christmas to gear up for [my spouse is not kosher], which means another few weeks of going into the bank, then coming home in time to eat, shop, or holiday visit.  I did go back to the gym today for the first time in a week.  0_0  I felt so guilty about not going, and of course I think I gained all my weight back between the booze and fried food.  :/   I’ll get back to the business of things the week of December 20.  I’ll be home with free time then, and will spend it at the computer; there’s royalties to be paid that week, and loose ends to tie up with the German publisher.

Writing has been impossible these days.  I’ve touched up a few scenes on some project notes while at work, but again—it’s been near impossible to sit down and actually “write” anything.  I’ve not tweeted much either, but I try to check in over there and at Facebook every now and then.

Last night’s ep of Walking Dead was a disappointment.   >_<  So far the series is working for me, but I’m officially sick of the extra character development that Shane is getting.  He never worked as a character in the books – which is why he died early.  Come on Frank, really?  While I did enjoy the teaser scene leading into the ep, and I like the whole ‘this is your brain on zombie-virus’ scene, overall the whole episode bored me.  I did nearly loose my shit when it looked like they might kill off Andrea.  Next to Michonne – she’s my favorite character.  Speaking of which—Michonne better show up next season! Terrier’s season ender was cool.  It does leave me hanging though—they better not cancel that show, I mean it.   Burn Notice is getting back to its old ways, which is always cool for me.  For awhile there, like Sons of Anarchy—it started losing my interest.  I did manage to catch the finale of Sons, and I think it tied up nicely.  Agent Stahl got what she deserved; it’s very rare that I like a female character that’s a total jackass, but man—it was cool watching her get down to business.  She was a heartless machine, until it came time to die.    Bang.  Karma.

I got a sneak peak at Sundance Channels ‘Girls who Like Boys who Like Boys‘.  I’m tried to like it, I did.  I loved my bro and was a big part of his life–which put me right smack dab in the middle of a social life filled with gay men–and this ep just seemed…unrealistic?  Apparently, reality shows like this are only interesting when everyone involved is white collar, a creative type, or earns six figures.  There’s no real people here, just cosmetic drama.   Have times changed that much since the 90’s? Maybe so…Maybe it will grow on me and I’ll feel compelled to watch– like Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jersey Shore, Pawn Stars, and car accidents I pass by on major highways.

Last night’s game was excellent.  I was rooting for the Ravens, and even though they lost— Steelers played a good game, despite Mcfadden fouling every ten minutes.  WTF dude, forget the rules or what?  Little tot Flacco did an amazing fake in the first half of the game that was impressive—but there was no coming back once Polamalu sacked him.  The Steelers smelled the end of the game and got serious.  :/  Boo.

Been trying to keep up with comics – Damian’s Robin heading the Titans?  The inaugural scene was quite entertaining; as always though, Rose’s Ravager is set up to be the hot head-jerk and Cassandra Sandsmark’s Wonder Girl is suddenly a newly developed example of maturity.   When did Cassandra turn into Saint Donna of Troy?  =_=;


4 thoughts on “Hallo, dis is Peggy…”

  1. I’m currently reading the Walking Dead and I REALLY like it. Unfortunately the show really interferes with my Sunday Night football programming and I will not watching anything else but football on Sundays and of course Monday Night Football. Maybe if AMC will show a Walking Dead marathon, then I will watch it. Michonne is a kick @$$ character. I collected the six volume hardcover edition and the fourth volume was intense. I would buy the omnibus edition but the first volume is completely sold out and the Ebay vendors are making a killing selling their copies. I’m happy with the copies I have. ^_^

    I haven’t collected and read American comics in such a long time and since my interest in BL has waned faster than expected, I’m going back to my American comic book roots. I’m also reading the entire Love and Rockets series by the Hernandez Brothers and its a fawkin’ gem! I also have the Marvel omnibus and DC Absolute editions which are spectacular! I have alot of catching up to do.

    With yesterday’s game with Steelers and Ravens, it was a smash and thrash game yet it was sloppy. Unfortunately the Colts are going in a downward spiral and Peyton Manning looks like Brett Favre throwing those interceptions like nobody’s business. >_< My beloved Vikings' season maybe over yet they will have QB woes once Favre exits. One thing my Vikes have the horrible habit of doing is giving away draft picks like coupons!

  2. Hey!

    With the Ravens and the Steelers, it’s always rough. :/ It goes back to the Ravens being the former Cleveland Browns and the Browns were the Steelers defacto rivals. I know when the Ravens come up against the Steelers, there’s going to be lots of flags, broken bones, and stretchers. XD

    I was told I needed to read Love and Rockets, I just haven’t yet. I can’t get into anything from Marvel, I’ve tried but no cigar. Do you have a Half-Price books franchise near you? We managed to snag the hc edition there.

    As for Walking Dead – AMC shows the eps twice in a row, so I tend to catch the 10pm showing [11pm eastern time] and AMC is good about showing re-runs.

  3. With Ravens/Steelers rivalry, its absolute classic and they will probably meet again in the playoffs. The Monday Night game yesterday was an absolute blowout which kills the fun of watching any game.

    With Love and Rockets, Fantagraphics has become my favorite publisher of alternative, mature comics and other books. I love how the way they translated and published A Drunken Dream and other stories. I recently purchased Destroy All Movies which is a guide to punk-oriented films. Their publications are top-notch. Since you’re not into Marvel, then you’ll probably like the Absolute DC editions. I own several including Watchmen, Ronin, Dark Knight Return and others.

    There are several Half Price Books stores in my area. ^_^ Everytime I go, their comic book selections are limited. I have to go to see what they have in stock now. I heard the season finale of the Walking Dead received the highest cable ratings. After reading what you wrote about the character Sean, he should been killed already.

    I’m not sure if you collect figurines, but I have recently. It was something I thought I couldn’t get into but after purchasing the Rogue bishoujo statue from Kotobukiya, I’m hooked. Kotobukiya is coming out with the Wonder Woman bishoujo statue next year and I must have it. Take a look:

  4. I actually like that statue. Nine times out of ten, I say ‘fu japan’ whenever they make figures based on female DC characters I care about. This is likely directed at the ‘girl’ market of collectors and so they’ve dumbed down the overt proportions. ^_-

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