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I’ve been struggling.

I began writing again, four days ago. It’s a weird kind of mood. Every free moment you have you want to keep writing. I’ve only taken breaks to go to work, watch TV with spouse [like I would miss Burn Notice or Terriers], eat and sleep. What really bugs me is that I’m working on something that’s going to end up going nowhere. It’s Only Lies, which was the novel sequel to Only Words that I was supposed to finished a year and half ago. I’m not complaining, at least I’m writing something – which is better than nothing.  I’m pleased with how it’s turning out so far.  Chapter two was the toughest chapter to tackle because it’s random memories from Koby’s  experiences at Sachsenhausen.  A familiar face also turns up, which may make some fans happy.

I’m losing interest in Sons of Anarchy as a show. :/ I don’t know, something about this new season just bores me shitless. Perhaps it’s just feeling redundant to me? Terriers I love, and I’m glad Burn Notice is back. Last night’s episode was tops because I like it when Jeffrey Donovan plays psycho. Cute stuff. Terrier’s was a bit sad, because Britt’s fiancé admitted she was pregnant and she cheated on him so isn’t sure who the father is. She admitted all this at Hank’s ex-wife’s wedding…>_< My boy was crying. Sad times. Another show that’s lost me, and I can’t figure out why, is Hawaii 5-0. I love the fact that the leads seem to flirt with each other while they work…but there’s one female on the team and she’s always [1] in a bikini or [2] dressed skanky for undercover work. Really guys? Really?



I got things straightened out with my German publisher, so that’s a load off. I touch base with Lyns again at the end of November, so I’ll be tying up loose ends with them then. Sadly, when The Wild Side merged with Cursed Publishing, the format for artwork and trim sizes changed. At that time Games with Me was already finished with volume 1, and Loud Snow had to be redrawn.  Loud Snow was re-toned which took time, but was still deemed unusable. At that point, I had to rely on the force majeure point in our contracts. Their changes made creating artwork for them impossible on our end, and the publisher agreed. I’ll be paying back the advance that was paid out on Games With Me [it’s only fair, they have artwork they can’t use] and then I’ll have the German rights to Games, Loud Snow, and Roulette back. I think it’s for the best, since Cursed Side [their new name] seems to have better luck with novels; my license with them is Only Words, and that hasn’t sold well in Germany for over two years. I did have to get nasty on Twitter last week when an artist friend I work with didn’t get the payment she was promised from DramaQueen. She emailed and it was over month with no reply. I tweeted and magically she got a response. >_< I don’t like being the one that always seems on the offensive. Just do the right thing and no one get’s ass hurt.

Work has been excellent. We have a new ABM and she’s great.   Our manager has been out most days because she couldn’t take PTO at the start of the year and now she’s trying to use it all, and I’ve been able to do some writing during slow periods. I love my new branch.

I’ve been reading some good stuff lately.  I ordered ‘Extravagant” which is all about freaks and weirdos. The cover had me because of the bite mark on the dude’s chest. I also picked up volume three of the Men’s Way series because this one is all about Yakuza! Oh yeah. I’ve noticed that in the last few months, there’s been an increase in the amount of thugsXboss yakuza stories. Who knew that pairing would make a comeback? I’ve also ordered my share of yaoi in the US. Both GloBL anthologies I picked up were excellent; then I knew they would be. As for Yaoi proper, I only buy the established cult favs, because most things unknown or new turn out to be crap. I have a very hard time getting excited with all this ‘Guild’ noise, when the company takes the highest percentage of any digital distributor I have. I tried getting DMP to budge on their take some time ago, but they were unwilling. KINDLE and Nook take only 30%, whereas DMP takes 65%. >_< I love DMP don’t get me wrong, but I just wont be releasing anything else through eManga since it’s just not beneficial to me as a creator. I share royalties with my artists, and if I’m only getting 35% of the download sale – that’s pretty sad come splitting time. I do appreciate that DMP has a large fan base, but nearly all those fans also have KINDLE for the PC and reading the books through that. I wish them well and hope it works out, I’ll be reading if they focus on anything good. [Good = ML/bara ] ^__-

I did an interesting interview with The Yaoi Review. It was fun, and I got some things off my chest that I shouldn’t have – but it was still fun. Thanks to everyone who came over and commented. I love interacting with readers, so it’s all good.  Yaoicon sales were ok for me.  I managed to sell all the Gungrave doujinshi I sent, as well as some copies of RUSH.  I heard from some vendors that sales were dismal this year, but that doesn’t shock me.  Yaoicon is located in California, and a majority of Yaoi fen don’t live there.  With airline prices the way they are – fans literally must save in order to get to Yaoicon, and then it becomes more of a fandom experience then a buying trip.  Yaoi can be bought in so many places now, so putting all your sales eggs in the Yaoicon basket just isn’t smart anymore.  I think for some Yaoi pubs and circles, making Yaoicon an exhibition con would be best.  Go there and sponsor a panel, give out some free swag and talk about your titles– get the word out there to those core fans that come to the con and eventually go home and make purchases on payday.  ^_-

I was told that in order to lose the weight I want, in the time period I want, I need to burn at least 500 calories at the gym per day.  Right now I’m at 250/300 on days when I spend a half-hour on the elliptical machine.   I think I’m going to need to build up to that.  I’m literally wiped out by the time I hit the 20 minute mark, and to make it to 30, I struggle.  It would take 45 minutes on the machine to burn the amount needed.  0_0


Coffee, and then I need to jump off to the gym. I go in today at 11 and I’m off tomorrow. More writing…let’s hope.


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