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The end of October makes 7 months now and no new writing.  >_<

Work has been smooth this month, we had a new ABM start at the branch and she’s very cool.  I like ABMs that are willing to open a teller drawer and help us out.  She’s also on top of things and has a very approachable personality.  Right now it’s only myself, and two other tellers – we’re getting a new girl near the end of November, so it should help.  I don’t think we need a fifth teller at our branch, it never gets that busy.

Today is my Friday, as I go in at Noon and do not work tomorrow.   My son Ian’s birthday is this weekend [his actual birthday was on the 27].  He’s a ‘Soviet’ fanatic, so his party will be Russian themed.  Maggie has a slumber party to attend on Friday, so we’re having my son’s party on Saturday.  It’ll be easier since his friends want to come and Friday nights are usually difficult.  It’s also a Friday that’s a payday for many people – which means parents with kids may be shopping and doing all sorts of things on a Friday night.  Saturday feels better.  I need to make a run into the city and visit Sasha’s Russian Market for my son.  Sasha’s is the only Russian market in town [sadly] and while it’s not bad [seriously, all Russian markets borderline on ‘meh’ even the ones in Russia] you have to buy fresh or your get what you pay for.  Most people that visit Sasha’s for the first time see the prices on fresh goods and immediately look for the clearance area.  Never buy clearance from any Slavic shop…you’ll get chocolate with critters in it, canned goods that expired in the 90’s, and baked goods that no bird or raccoon would touch with a ten foot tree branch.   Slav marketers throw nothing away– if they can sell it, they will.  If it’s bad or not it makes no matter, since most Eastern Europeans feel that a little salmonella won’t kill you. “It’s good for bowels,”  yep, that’s what mamala used to say.  =_=;

Spouse is working on second bookshelf, the first bookshelf came out great.  We’re near complete with the main room redesign, and after that we’re going to tackle the kids rooms.  >_< Which means tiling the floors and repainting the walls.  Ugh.  At least the winter is coming– which in Austin is just a very cold Autumn.  Today is the first day I’ve been able to open my windows.  We’ve had 88 degree days up until now, and that’s typical for this time of year.  In Austin summer begins in April and ends the last week of October.  When I say “begins” I mean that it will be so hot that you’ll have to turn on the air conditioner.  The heat and allergy season roll up into one during what most of the country calls “Spring” and many people don’t get out much.  By mid October I tend to feel a weird form of terrestrial cabin fever.  I long for Fall, and I’m so sick of the heat that I can’t get into the spirit of things.  It doesn’t help that I’m surrounded by box stores with corporate headquarters in the Northeast that begin stocking down coats, boots, and knitwear in September–these things end up in the clearance racks by October because no one is going to spend retail price on cold weather clothes they’ll only get to wear for about two weeks.  Austin gets ‘real winter’ days of bitter cold sporadically in January/February and the totals ad up to 8-10 days tops.  March rolls in with some rain and humidity [thanks Mexico] and by April we see the first of our days in the mid to high 80’s.  Then then summer begins—everyone preps for the June, July, and August hibernation.  Once full summer is here –  no one lets their kids out in the heat around 3-4pm because we have ozone-action days and  typically the sun feels as if it’s sitting just a few miles up in the clouds.

Why the hell am I talking about the weather?

I got around to doing an interview with The Yaoi Review [she reviewed Loud Snow].  I doubt it will post before Yaoicon; as always most fans are focused on the “real” yaoi” creators from Japan.  ^_-

I also heard back from the German publisher, who’s had a dose of computer trouble.  Hopefully I can get some closure for myself and my artists when she makes her decision and responds to me.

Time to roust the kiddos and shove off for work.


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