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It’s Sunday, Where’s My Mind.

The weather here in Austin has been wonderful—we’re having an unusual year; no drought and an early fall.  We don’t tend to see 80 degree temps until early November – so having them in October is a treat.

I’m home on a Sunday, doing web and publishing crap.  I’m at a crossroads with Loud Snow.  I have no more copies left to sell, and yet Amazon just ordered a carton qty.  I made the order—with one book to spare, but I made a decision regarding this genre and I want to stick to it.  I will do print runs of the titles I said I would, but to keep printing more of the same title was not what I had in mind.  I’m going to speak to Ingram about distribution; they contacted me before when I printed Loud Snow and I was hesitant.  Now I’m interested.

Barnes and Noble finally got back to me about Pubit and so far it’s been smooth.  Too smooth.  I uploaded my ePub editions to it and when I look at them through Nook for the PC I see pages out of order and pages missing.  Decided to take all my titles off sale until someone with a Nook can assure me all is well – or my name will be attached to more of this shit.

Work has been swimmingly cool.  We managed to meet our quarterly goal which means I should see something extra in my check.  Sadly, there’s much discontent in the teller ranks due to the banks coaching culture; it’s gone overboard in the last year and some of the old-school tellers are getting fed up with it.  A teller I really like, and think is a wonderful person, has a real issue with our current manager.  She’s worked with our manager since she started with the company, but she dislikes her management style and she’s always in a constant state of pisstivity.  >_<  I’d hate to see her quit, but I’d understand if she did.  She’s constantly complaining about the manager and to be honest, I can’t really get on board with it—mainly because I’ve had worse.  No really, I have.  0_0  Our new Assistant Branch Manager starts the second week of October, so I hope this helps as a buffer between the two of them, because I like them both—and I hate seeing the tension.  One of our tellers is jumping ship for Dell.  I don’t think I would do this, considering their lay-offs track record, but I think he needs to go where the money is…

Maggie has come down with some weird throat infection.  We’ve been giving her antibiotics and Motrin to fight the fever that keeps popping back up, and today she seems to be feeling better.  She’s missed three days of school though, which sucks because now she has to play catch-up.  :/  Ian’s report card came in and he’s actually passing ALL his classes this year—the ones he’s border lining [there are only 2!] do not cite any behavioral issues, which makes me happy.  He’s got an algebra teacher that he and his friends dislike a great deal.  He’s doing well in class, it’s just that she seems to have some respect issues with younger people [I take this from the stories they’ve shared with me—when it’s more than one kid with a different story, I tend to look beyond the usual Ian-complaint-syndrome].  I told them all ‘just deal’.  We all had at least one teacher who was a complete bastard in school.  I told my son to just go to class and ‘avoid the eye of sauron’ – do your work and keep your head down and she won’t even bother with you.

I notice that a certain editor is no longer at Viz, but now with a another comic-making site.  Why the blogsphere hasn’t jumped on this like hyena amazes me.  I guess no one wants to make Viz mad?  LOL!  I’ve been trying to read some fiction lately—sadly it’s a struggle.  I just can’t keep my head in the books.  I think it’s the writer.  I tend to enjoy Ramsey Campbell in short doses, but the novels are killing me.  I just can’t keep focused.   I’ve written nothing in ages.  I’m afraid I’m going to have to knuckle down and MAKE time to write.  I’ve been going to gym daily and have lost some serious inches – my goal is to get back to where I was five years ago, by January.  Ha!  /ADHD blogging


2 thoughts on “It’s Sunday, Where’s My Mind.”

  1. I’m glad to hear Loud Snow is selling well for you regardless. When you mention Ingram handling distribution, does that mean they’d continue publishing copies and sending them out in place of you doing it all? Sounds like it’d be a good deal, if you still get a fair portion of the money for future purchases of course. I’m not up to par on all the ways of the publishing industry, but I’m all up for learning it!

    And regarding an editor from Viz, I’m inclined to think you’re just looking into it too much ^^; I don’t think anyone’s afraid of making Viz mad – I think it’s just not really seen as news? They already had a staff cut-back that was reported and the original comics project this particular editor was heading has been dead in the water for years.

  2. Ingram would be handling publishing and sending out orders. They’re tied to Lightning Source, which is nice. I didn’t think I’d need it before, but now that I think about it– I could’ve spent the time on sending out books and invoicing today, on writing my novel. =_=;

    Looking too much into it my ass! XP I mention one dude once in passing and it was a blog uproar linked more times then I care to mention. It also cost me with Viz, so I’m still sore about it. Let me be bitter…it’s my right as a jerk. ^_^

    I wouldn’t count their original project line out yet; they were doing what other companies were doing–which seemed to me ‘give us much more than we can pay you for’ and that doesn’t work in a market that’s a micro-niche. Original English material aimed at Japanese manga fans is a tough sell–I think manga influenced will do well, if not sold as ‘manga’. Digital is the way to go, hopefully Viz will take their original line there.

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