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My Friend Amelie Interviewed.

My friend Amelie [also the artist of my new book Loud Snow] was interviewed for a project called Investigating Anime – Amelie is a bit of a legend on the manga-con circuit and is often gifted sales space and panel time because of her fan base, ‘the ami-army’.  In this interview she talks about how time consuming Loud Snow was–so much so she had to stop doing cons and get a real job to pay bills while she drew the book.

Even though we hit a snag with our German publisher, KINDLE sales have more than made up for the loss of that advance [is it an advance if you don’t get it until you’ve completed the job? ] and print sales soared after reviewers put their stamp on the title.  *thanks da lord*.

*one thing I do want to say about the ‘doujinshi’ question. Amelie did not pay anything to make this work– she was paid for it. In essence this is not a self-published work for her–for me, Gynocrat Ink is my circle; I paid the costs of printing, promoting, designing, editing, and for art.


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