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No, You Don’t Wish Us a ‘Happy Yom’.

>_> sigh.

Fitting in at my new branch.  One banker only talks to me when she has to, the other is very sweet – but I think she doesn’t quite know what to make of me.  I was called in to give my thoughts on complaints about Teller Manager – gave my truthful take on things; and it was leaked to me that once the TM was ‘spoken to’ about the issues [her laziness being the major one] she seemed to think I was after her job.  :/  Weirdness.  Not enough drama to make me want to leave—though it seems I ‘work too much’ I need to learn and mellow out.  It’s ok to chill out and read a book or something and just relax.  0_0  This relaxing at work thing will take some getting used to.

Going to the gym six days a week and cutting out alcohol and cutting down on breads is starting to pay off.  Since September 1 I’ve lost about 10 pounds – not too shabby.

My writing is suffering.  I’ve written nothing in months – there’s just been too much going on.  I made the mistake of giving an artist access to the royalty account.  For some reason she assumed the accounts balance was split 50% between she and I and spent half of it.  =_=;  The account is split between myself, and three other creators – so she took the account down to half of what it was – money that wasn’t all hers.  I had to replace it from my personal funds until she can pay it back.  😦

I ordered a copy of the Adamo Anthology.  I can’t want to see it.  I’ve been advised by more than one person to step away from RUSH and any association with DQ.  I’m starting to think that’s a good idea, but I’ll wait it out.  I am certain now I wont be putting any of my own money into the relaunch – not when there’s people at work that essentially ARE NOT AT WORK.  It’s unsettling.  Also, I’ve sold more copies of Loud Snow to Amazon then I thought I would.  =_=;  I’m torn between sending what little stock I have left to Yaoicon, and waiting on those profits to order another print run, or just keep supplying Amazon with what I have and using personal monies to finance a run just for Yaoicon.  There’s been some new reviews for Loud Snow, and KINDLE sales have been great.  I’m grateful to everyone that bothered to review it.  I appreciate it– even those that bought it and reviewed it…and LIKED IT.  ^_-

I’m off to the doctors today, another step closer to a proceedure I’m drying to avoid.  [It’s personal, wont be going into details here] but no worries, it’s not life threatening – just annoying.  Then I need to go work out and spend the day with spouse.  >.>  I’m off because this evening I have to go temple – lucky me.

Will try my damnedest to do some writing this weekend.


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