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Reviews, Yaoicon, and my Transfer!

Because Warm Laundry is the BEST LAUNDRY!

I start at my new branch tomorrow.  I’m going in early because there’s some things I need to do in order to get broke in over there…but I’ll be scooting out at 5, so I should be home before 6.  I have off on Tuesday which is good, because I have a ton of errands I need to catch up on – I also need to set up a new direct-deposit account for just groceries and the kids.  This should be easy, but I never count on such things.

I’ve been hitting the gym everyday I can – which is about 6 days a week.  I didn’t go today and I got a burst of energy right around my workout time.  Since October I’ve left care of the pantry to the kiddos and it’s not been a good decision.  I opened the door today and nearly fainted.  I’m not obsessive compulsive or anything like that, but I think your food closet needs to be the neatest and cleanest thing in your house, right?  I took it all out, scrubbed the counter tops, and set everything back in.

Felt better after that – worked up a sweat.

I heard back from two reviewers about Loud Snow.  They really enjoyed it and will be reviewing soon.  I’m glad to hear it.  I also saw a glowing review for Games With Me at Amazon.com and was elated.  I’d noticed the KINDLE sales double for Games With Me last week, I guess that’s why.

A couple of my original titles will be available at Yaoicon this year, thanks to a very gracious vendor.  I’ll be sending copies of Loud Snow and Only Words.  In honor of my doujinshi spirits, I fired up the Lexmark printer and decided to make some books!  Sadly, I only had four binding kits left, and one of the glue rods was opened and dried out.  I decided to print four books anyway and give that glue a try, but sadly it only bound the pages together—and wouldn’t adhere to the cover.  >_<

I’ll have only three issues of my last Gungrave doujinshi ‘’Bonedriven’.  It contains a short story by me and a short comic by ‘Kheelan’. I think we had it available for print through LuLu or something, but I can’t remember. =_=;

Crappy photo of the Gungrave fancomic, Bonedriven.

Busy week ahead, hope to check in next Sunday!


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