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Real Life, and Interweb Old Shit.

There’s a tug of war going on of sorts regarding my transfer to the Georgetown branch at Cedar Breaks.

Their Branch Manager insists that I’ll be there the last week of August, while my current ABM has scheduled me at the Northwest Austin branch until September, and says I won’t be moving until sometime in September.  Hmmm.   To be honest, if they ask me to stay, I might say no—mainly because to commute to the Northwest branch at ElSalido is a complete pain in the ass these days.  There’s only two ways to get there that don’t involve a toll road, and both were traffic headaches before – now they’re over-the-top unbearable, since construction began on both routes.  Lakeline to Cypress has some sort of side walk drainage work going on—which limits the once 45MPH 2 lane road to, one lane and 25MPH.  The other road I can use is Bagdad to 1431– which is a speed trap in that it’s two lanes – limited residential/zero business, and only 35MPH allowed.  Cops are on it every day.  So what could be a ten minute drive, turns into a 25 minute drive – and of course there are traffic lights to add insult to injury.  I have to leave 1 hour early, in order to make it into the branch at El Salido – but when you look on a map or even mapquest it…it has the nerve to suggest its only 24 minutes.  :/    The other branch is roughly the same distance give or take—but here’s the beauty of it…already an established area.  No construction and limited traffic as I would just drive to the 183 alternate [65 MPH] make a left on 29 [70MPH] – drive 8 minutes to Old Church Road [45MPH] – right to the branch.  Total drive time is about 26 minutes.  No stress, no hassle…damn I can’t wait!

Movie talk – finally saw Wolfman.  Loved the production values.  Brought back memories of the Hammer-horrors I loved as a kid; even the writing felt ‘Hammer’.  I count this one as a ‘collectible’ UniHorror remake.  The Mummy being the other [the first one, not the ham handed sequel or that ridiculous ‘Asian-Trend Whoring’ third installment].    Sorry Dracula, but didn’t like Rider and hated Reeves – not even Gary Oldman could cancel out that mess.  And no– still waiting on a proper Frankenstein remake; and something tells me the Creature from the Black Lagoon will be a digital nightmare that will make me hate it.  A Black Cat remake would be nice…slash fandom would certainly welcome it– and the media would piss me off by calling it ‘Brokeback Horror’.  :/

Also on tap is the Airbender fiasco.  I’ve seen multiple articles of late talking about how Airbender failed because of bad writing, bad acting etc.  Not one mention of the white-washing of the cast?  There were at least three groups critical of the films casting before it was released–these groups contained thousands of members; comprised a large portion of the adult fandom of the animated series.  These people didn’t buy tickets– these people didn’t take their kids to said film.  Don’t ignore the obvious Hollywood-media.  The race issues surrounding the cast were major issues before filming began.  The film was transitioned to 3D because the distributors knew they were going to take a beating after opening weekend.  This is a shinning example of what Joe Dante recently said about the perils of   ‘3D’ films trending in Hollywood.  The film wasn’t shot for 3D depiction – it had no business being developed into 3D in post production.  :/  Now Airbender fans know what we Dragonball fans endured with Dragonball Evolution. There are times when Hollywood doesn’t know best.  Really.  They just don’t know best.  [and in light of the ‘Old Shit’ subject I plan to address, I’m going to refrain from also citing notable television examples– let’s not talk about SeaQuest…]

Writer Stuff:

I’ve been staying off the internet in order to get back to more productive world-building.   So far it’s working.

Spoke to Amelie about German publisher.  At this point, we both give up.  We’ve done our best and that’s the best we can do.  If they say it’s not good enough to refrain from paying us, so be it.  We’re done with them, they’re done with us.  KINDLE sales for Loud Snow have been fantastic, and print sales are picking up.  Amelie has a convention in Florida coming up, and she plans to move her share of the books there – I’m selling to my normal channels via Amazon and BN.com  I’m also taking the reigns over shipping when readers order direct from us.  I made the mistake of trusting a company that doesn’t make shipping my books a priority—so, I’m taking over.  I don’t like waiting for books I order, so I won’t be making anyone else wait either.    On a complete hypocritical note – Amazon is funny; they’ve had Loud Snow in stock for days now, yet still list it as ‘Temporarily Out of Stock’.  Perhaps they sold what I sent and just haven’t reordered.  I got an advantage order today for 1 copy of Only Words, which I plan to ignore until they order more copies.  They know better then to pull this shit with me.  >_<  They’re taking 55% per sale—and I pay to ship.  I don’t ship just one book at a time to any wholesaler that won’t cover shipping.   BN.com still continues to fail on an epic scale – as they’ve contacted me twice to ‘update my title and stock information’ and have yet to fix their online catalog in regard to my titles and what’s available.  It’s almost as if BN.com doesn’t want to sell books.  Or sell books from small publishers.  ^_-

Old Shit:

I noticed the stats on a GGY Meta post coming from Lee Goldberg’s blog; I recall commenting there, mainly because he was shaking his fist once again at evil fanficcers being the reason real authors can’t have nice things.  He was doing his usual salsa about how much they hurt real writers and the craft – but he was using one particular author’s interview [more like cry for attention] as his example—but it was poor example to use.  In terms of poor, I would say– bottom of the barrel + wow is this all you can get today, poor.   Most know that fan-writers of Brokeback Mountain write what they do based on the film, and not that author’s short story.  They also write based on the actors, and not the characters written in that author’s short story [seriously, I’ve seen Joker/Prince of Persia fic – it’s scary].   I made my comment in a rather net-nasty and rude way, and Mr Goldberg commented back accordingly – which I didn’t reply to because hey,  you reap what you sow.   Yet there was something that did annoy me:  his comment seemed to suggest that I had no idea who she was [duh] or what she’s done [bigger duh] and he insulted me for using netspeak.  Ouch, that hurt more anything ((^_^)).    Ok, I’m being assy again, let me stop.   Honestly?  I said what I meant and I meant what I said; I certainly don’t hold grudges or remain asshurt by his response – and was glad to see that some readers agreed with the core of my criticism about the author [in the comments and via email] but I hadn’t gone back to actually see what transpired after I commented.  [narf]  Someone took it upon themselves to cut and past my entire blog entry on why I thought the author cited as an example in Lee’s tirade, needed to have a coke and a smile and shut up.   Her credentials did not warrant the ‘woe-is-me’ nonsense she projected in that interview; and it sent me into a tizzy, because I’d had enough of her crap.  Now I made this blog post because it was the last straw for me with this author because she’s done this shit before– and it’s adversely affected the genre I write for; she’s neither an innovator or a true victim – not in this case.  But commenter at Goldberg’s blog posted my entire blog entry [which in net etiquette is relatively skeezy] and then insulted me a bit.  0_o  The insults suggest again a total lack of context. I’m not one to bring up old shit—matter of fact, I hate it.  Yet I couldn’t shake the feeling that somehow, this weird ass commenter was under the impression that ‘I BE FANFICCER, HEER ME RAWR’.

I’m not a veteran television writer; my four year stint in California was limited to admin foot-soldier at Warner, while mentoring with a brilliant hack-master back in the 90’s.  I lost that writer-friend I worked with, to cancer.  Due to this, I never went back to that aspect of the business.  It just wasn’t for me; I saw what it did to her and tagged out.   So when I get spoken to like I’ve never been inside the walls of Babylon, I tend to get a bit bothered.  Spare me the condescension; I’ve seen the working side of things over there and I’m no fool.   I love writing comics, and I turned to writing erotic comics because that seemed more fun at the time.  Writing for me wasn’t a vocation; it was something I did during the day while family was off doing their thing.  I got published; and what I liked about the genre I wrote for, was that I could produce myself; because I was in a genre that celebrated self-production.

Since the economic downturn, being my own business isn’t just a hobby anymore, it’s pricey after you pay your editor and artist – but I stuck with it over submitting to established pubs, because more digital avenues opened up for me to recoup production costs.   Loud Snow taught me a lesson though; publishers haven’t changed, but the fandom has.  They’d rather buy digital first, then purchase a print copy if they like it.  Discovering this was stressful when trying to sell print pre-orders in order to pay for the print run; honestly, my print run was paid for after one convention trip to San Antonio.  =_=;   A kind agent friend told me I needed to refocus my skills and put them toward showcasing my work, and not the genre.   I think that was his way of saying, being the most appealing turd in the toilet doesn’t mean anything when you’re already perceived as shit. I’m not a mainstream writer; writing the everyday bores me – I’ll always be a writer who loves writing for artists or the graphic-minded.  I took his advice though, and have ceased writing comics.  I took on the editorial position at RUSH magazine, only because that’s a project I feel passionate about, but as for writing comics – I’ve definitely thrown in the towel.  Have I stopped writing?  No—I can’t.  It’s compulsive.

Am I an insignificant author who has no right to call another author out for grandstanding on a hallow soapbox?  NO.

Some authors out there may think so, but I don’t.  I’ve had experience in the business they’re in and found it difficult; not because I failed—but because I bailed.  At most it makes me a career-coward, but certainly doesn’t disqualify me from being critical of peer-criticism.    I don’t nag Mr. Goldberg about his gripes with self-publishing and fan fiction, because for the most part, he’s correct.  Yet in this case, with that author as his example and that interview? No way.      /self-important monologue

Social Stuff:

I have a racially diverse friend circle  – and today’s big row is… The Old Spice Guy.   The guy makes me laugh.   They see him as the butt of a joke that never gets old– for white people.  The comical black man making everyone laugh– well not everyone…just white people.   There was a reason Chapelle’s ‘Blind and Black’ Klan member was funny; lots irony there – if you can SEE it.   And while Old Spice Guy doesn’t make my friends as angry as ‘Popeye’s Chicken’ sales lady – he still rubs them the wrong way and  I must admit that I empathize with why.

Remember Beni Gabor from The Mummy film?  Such great comic relief [not to the Jewish lead Brenden Frasier – but to the Irish-American character of O’Connel].  Beni espoused everything funny about…  those lousy JEWS.

  • When it’s time to fight – Beni flees, only after saying he’d be there for you.
  • When faced with certain death, Beni displays all other forms of worship – except his own, hidden at the bottom of the charm chains.
  • Beni is the smart one, and knows it.
  • Beni loves riches – and dies for it– unlike that nice goy brother of the heroine who was just as greedy.
  • Beni is shifty, not be trusted – he turns coat for the more powerful bad guy, because there’s gold involved…right?

Yeah, Beni Gabor is a hilarious example of what’s wrong with the Jewish people; and when it makes other Jews laugh it’s ok for you to laugh to?    I can see my friends issue with The Old Spice Guy.  I really can.


3 thoughts on “Real Life, and Interweb Old Shit.”

  1. Just saw the Airbender film today. Race issues aside, I have to agree with the poor writing. The dialogue, which could have been a tool for filling in plot information and establishing character, was stilted and impairing instead. I’ll watch the other films (if they are ever made), but I hope another writer is selected for those scripts. Huge disappointed sigh.

  2. I suspect bad writing and direction still play a part, sure. But to mention these two things as the main reasons [and in all the articles I read–the only reasons] is ignoring the elephant that’s been in the room before shooting began. :/ Partial and selective coverage of any subject is lousy journalism.

  3. I thought the old spice guy was just a hot gay guy selling deodorant. I honestly didn’t even notice he was black.

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