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July 20, Already?

Man, the summer is sailing by.

Meeting last night was interesting – but also bordered on insane.  The bank has this thing called a ‘Mystery Shop’, when someone comes in with a faux transaction and you’re scored on how you handle them from start to finish.  I tend to do well in these things – but now we have a new form of ‘shop’ coming up.  It’s loaded with things we get scored on – and most of those things I do with most of my customers anyway.  There are a few things I do skip from time to time, mostly ‘referring product’ oriented things.  Sorry, I’m not a salesperson.  :/  Now we have to “roleplay” and “observe” each other behind the teller line in order to prepare ourselves for these new shops.  I kid you not; it really is lame as it sounds.

I’ve had to tune out from the internet in order to begin writing again.  The distraction of the net is too much of a temptation for me to stay on track.

I’m upset at the German publisher AND my digital publisher for Loud Snow,  I’ll never get paid, so I’m through caring.  I’m tired of busting my ass and then being treated like I’m bothering someone whenever I think I should be paid; there’s a discrepancy in the tones between files that were printed here [which came out perfectly in size A5 when printed for publication in the US] and ones they have on their machine which were the same size sent to the US printer.  Of course no one’s contacted me since we turned in the art –and when I contacted my usual contact—I was told there were some pages that still had issues.  Sorry, not buying it.  Not when those pages printed perfectly here at the same size they’re printing them over there.  =_=;  Even if there is some moire on a few pages, I can live with it—at this point I’d just like the advance I was contracted for, and I’d like a little communication.  I’ve tried both emails given to me for this new ‘editor’ person and each time I mail, I get failed delivery replies.  I’m also sick of waiting for the digital publisher to release Loud Snow, which was turned over to them for release in June.  It’ll be August soon and I’ve heard nothing, nor got one email telling me what’s going on.   I understand there are more important fish on their plate, but a courtesy reply to the email I did send, explaining to me Loud Snow won’t release till August, would be appreciated.  I’ve decided I just don’t give a damn anymore; I’m through with writing comics – I’m through with feeling like I’m bothering someone for emailing weeks after I turn something in and hear nothing.

I’m going in at Noon today, I want to try and get some writing done this morning.  I made great progress last night, and I’ve got the plot chipped down to the bare bones.  The only thing stopping me from just ‘starting’ of course is… me.


3 thoughts on “July 20, Already?”

  1. Through with writing comics? So that means that you won’t be participating in the re-launching of Rush and continue with Roulette? Its unfortunate that you’re going through this, working so hard to get your work publish and distributed and then to see the fruits of your labor.

    Are there other avenues to get your work published elsewhere?

  2. RUSH’s relaunch will continue – and Roulette has already been written. It’s up the artist now to finish it.

    Of course there are other avenues to be published – just not avenues for m/m erotic comics. Not for me.

  3. Oops, I forgot to put in the word “not” after the word “then”.

    That’s good that Rush will continue. I’ll bite the bullet and check out Games with Me on eManga. I’m not crazy about reading manga on my monitor, but Games did capture my attention. 🙂

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