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The First of July

It’s July 1st already…the year is half-over.

I’ve been spending my days off preparing for San Japan.  [Updates of that nature will always be at my circle-blog GynoInk].  It feels strange getting ready so early for a con that’s a couple of weeks away – but my work hours don’t allow me adequate free time to do what I need. I wake around 8, do whatever errands I must in order to keep the house going.  I tend to roll into work around eleven, the bank closes at 6 – and then I hit the gym.  I’m home by 7:30 – time enough to eat my dinner, check up on emails – then watch Dragonball Z Kai and fall asleep while watching Colbert.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Colbert—but by the time his guest is on, I’m out.

As you can see, NO TIME for con prep—which involves shopping and preparing stuff.  Lucky for me I had some paid time off recently, and was able to get a bulk of the prep done during that week – most of that week was ate up on pre-press for Loud Snow.  The book is at the printers now, and I should have a proof by the end of this week.  I know—I’m cutting it real close to the bone —but the printer had some FTP issues and I was forced to mail a disk off, eating into my time.  The production person assured me I would have my books by the 8th, but it would likely require me to have the shipment over-nighted, after my proof approval. A costly expense, but I’m willing to eat it at this point.  =_=;  I have a short work week next week.  The bank is closed on the 5th, and I work on the 6th and 7th and then I have paid time off for San Japan – which is the 9th-11th in San Antonio.  I go back to work on Tuesday, the 13th.

My circle budget is strapped – with nearly every dollar accounted for and going somewhere.  It was strange, I spent all of last year in the black – [I paid off my debt producing Gadarene] and had no real expenses because I hadn’t released anything.  Printing Loud Snow has eaten through my budget like a tribble in a grain barrel – but I’m determined NOT to use credit or go into debt this time.  It certainly makes things more stressful; and all told, if I don’t sell a lionshare of my portion of the books at the convention – I will lost about $50 on overall.  Not a bad deal really – but not cool either.  What has helped is the constant income of digital sales.  KINDLE sales have been top-notch for Loud Snow, which in turn has led to sales of my other digital titles.  I feel like a jerk at times, because I know readers that love Loud Snow will go on to purchase Only Words or Games with Me only to see that Loud Snow was a bit of a departure for me.  It’s not my usual dose of tragedy and melancholy – Loud Snow is a romantic comedy; so hopefully they’ll read the reviews on those titles first, before purchasing!

Real life has been relatively smooth, other then private health issues.  I’ve been hanging in there.  Medical problems can be such an emotional chore; I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have excellent health coverage and a good job.   Summer has hit our budget hard – despite the fact that my spouse and I work all day, and the kids sleep in till 2 in the afternoon…the grocery and electric bill has gone up enough to put a dent in our recreational funds.  Combined with my spouses renovation project and my convention, we have little money to have fun with.  The kids still have plenty of snacks and drinks, a plethora of DirectTV programming, and they’re a down the block from the corner store should they need to re-supply with something unhealthy.  Oh, they also have multiple game consoles and an endless amount of art supplies – both children want for nothing.  :/  Brats.  I refuse to feel guilty about not taking them out more! XP

I need to get off of here and get ready for work.  Lucky me.


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