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June 23rd, 2010

I woke up with sinus issues this morning – so I slept in, which is something I haven’t done in years.  Dragged my ass out of bed at 9:30 and medicated myself with coffee and Dayquil.  I checked the RUSH forum at DramaQueen and saw that someone spammed my forum—so I strategically lost my shit and decided to put the ModHat on and clean house.  No – I don’t work for Dramaqueen; it was just a temporary housecleaning assignment.

My arms are monster sore today from my workout on Monday.  I would’ve gone into the gym today but I was truly feeling like shit this morning, and didn’t know how smart it was to get pumped on Dayquil and hit the machines.  Instead I put on my bathing suit and washed the car.  I made the kids [who rolled out of bed around 2:30] towel it off so no spots dried on it!

I’ve been a little bummed by the fact that my DC submission sits untouched for over 4 months, and DC is developing the characters I intended to work with.  >_<  I have only myself to blame, and since I cannot beat myself up with sweet girly drinks and huge pieces of cake—I’m truly feeling the pain.

Also feeling the burn on the undeveloped sci-fi property I got so excited about at the start of the summer.  Nothing is going anywhere with my writing and this is weighing on my subconscious. In lighter news, I’m very excited about San Japan, and might even consider other cons in Texas this coming year.

Back to work tomorrow – lucky me…


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