Fashion Casualty aka #firstworldproblems

Yes, I’m perpetually in fashion.  I stand out at cons because I think wearing a t-shirt and jeans is not human…I blame my mother and the military.  Either way, I spend a portion of every con I go to fielding questions from art-alley gazers on which ‘company’ I work for.  No – I do not work for FUNi or VIZ – I just think business casual is the proper attire for an anime and manga convention ^_-  It’s weird I know, it makes me feel like the Carl Horn of art-alley – but I digress…

Linen is all the rage this season.  SO like a good fashion-sheep, I went out and stocked my pro and casual wear with lots 0’linens.  So far the only inconvenience about linen pants is that you cannot–under any circumstances – put them in your dryer.  >_<  No really.  You can wash them on the gentle cycle of front-loading washers…but NO DRYER.

I have a 12 year old daughter and she’s awesome.  The fact that she’s willing to prep the laundry is wonderful – but when things like this happen:

linens in the dryer maggie?  really?  are you kidding me?

–I’m tempted to lose my shit.

It will take some time ironing to get the legs to look like legs again – but it will never be the same.  *sigh*

A casualty.


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