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Pain, Oh The Pain

I did a bit too much at the gym last night.  I’ve been doing 30 minutes on the elliptical machine 3 days a week, then showering and going home – but yesterday I my leg was acting up [because of the recent stormy weather] and could only do 15 minutes.  I spent the other 15 doing laps in the pool – I managed to do three.

Today I’m feeling it.  0__0

I have to work today, and this sucks because there’s a X-Files block playing on SyFy; I missed the season premiere of Burn Notice last night because my kids were watching El Superbeasto [mainly because I fell asleep and had no idea they were watching El Superbeasto].  >_<  Spouse came home, woke me up – chastised them for watching something they shouldn’t – then chastised me for letting them watch something they shouldn’t.  *sigh*  Went back to sleep in my bedroom.

Ok Friday, here I come.


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