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Today is Better…Sort Of

Watched Justified last night.  Some great moments…can’t wait to see how Raylan and Boyd handle their fathers – they seemed to be the only two men capable of knowing what their father’s are all about.  Hilarious that they gave Arlo $20k – I knew he’d steal it, it’s the same amount he took from his wife and he wants to pay her back–paying Bo back was the last thing on his mind!  …and so much for marriage?  WTF is up with Raylan’s ex?  I think Ava should just cut her losses with Raylan and take up with Boyd.   :/

I’m always amused at Europeans that get in such a lather over how America runs domestically, and how our president handles things domestically.   Honestly?  When I see foreign tweeters and bloggers saying shit like ‘you promised us‘ and ‘we know what’s right and wrong’  – I get irked.   I am of the opinion that we are not a perfect union – but I live here and pay taxes, I’m a resident.  Our domestic policies effect only Mexicans and Canadians, because they’re on our borders.  Brits in particular love to armchair quarterback America from that island of theirs in the North Atlantic.  Newsflash: on wars, you’re 2-2 with us [that’s right, we had out Gulf conflicts but you guys have had 2 world wars].  On rights: let’s not get started – we own what we did to the native Americans in this country; we’re still caught up in trying to mend what we did to people of color in this country – but coaching us on modern rights and uncivil behavior?  Really?  Are you kidding me?  Europe and the UK made Africa the mess it is today.  A healthy percentage of African citizens suffer because of a lack of civil government–a legacy left behind when YOU all were told to stop raping the land there, and get out–which you did without looking over your shoulder to see if any mending could be done before you left.  Nope, you cut them and left them bleeding.  Don’t even get me started with your track record in Iran – though I should, since you’re all so fond of bringing up our track record with Afghanistan.   /done with this.

I’m not going to keep ranting – I hope you get my point though–we’re all in the same glass house with floors are made of glass.  If your opinion is that we’re in the basement, then please put your underwear on because the view from down here is about as ugly as it gets.  :/

Another bit of web weirdness I keep seeing comes from the APPLE zealots.  They’re willfully ignoring the obvious elephant in the room [the one with ‘draconian content policies’ spray painted on it] to praise the the unit and push pubs toward it because of it’s lack of DRM support?   /done with this.   Their policies only affect niche publishers, not the mainstream…so I guess it’ll never be an issue.

I’m always amazed at Diamond Previews covers – ero manga has some of the most lovely covers in the biz, and yet Diamond always seems to scrape the bottom of the barrel for a cover that’s uniquely…crap.   How many times have BL covers headlined the previews catalog?  Can anyone tell me?  I think Class Comics had one once, right?

We have a branch meeting tonight – oh joy.  Hour/+half of telling us what we’re doing wrong in terms of customer service all because the Sales Coach had a bad day and decided to criticize the manager.  Shoot me Now.


12 thoughts on “Today is Better…Sort Of”

  1. >How many times have BL covers headlined the previews catalog?

    The problem, at least with the digital Previews Adult catalog, is that no one is willing to pay for cover ads anymore (it used to cost $1200, for the print version). Even we have stopped buying interior ads, because it seems to me that a significant number of people are actually getting the Previews Adult catalog *from our site*. It started not to make sense to me.

    They do try to regularly feature yaoi manga on the covers, although I’m not sure why they didn’t do it for this issue, consider how few items were actually in it. Just an oversight, I suppose.

  2. I see your point about that: lack of submitted cover material leading to less choices. I hadn’t realized they were charging at all for the digital catalog. 0_0 That’s ballsy. I don’t think mainstream book distributors charge pubs for inclusion in their online databases, do they?

    I’ve noticed BL get the ‘thumbnail’ treatment on covers–they’re featured, but its small. ^_-

    How much do they charge to just move books through Adult Previews? Is it worth it?

  3. Oh no, they don’t charge anything for listing books. I’m only talking about ads. The cover spot for the print Previews Adult cost that much because it was in color (they charged ~$900 for an interior color ad in the main Previews catalog). Obviously, with the digital version, all spots are now in color. Come to think of it, I don’t know what the current rate for the cover spot is, or if they even offer it.

    I think the rate for an interior ad in Previews Adult right now is $250. The only company still buying ads regularly is DMP/801 Media, so yeah, it’s weird they don’t have yaoi-themed covers more often. Not even Eros buys ads anymore.

    I would say, if you were a certain publisher who has been away for a while, and are just now getting back into publishing, and want to distribute books through Diamond, then it’s still a good idea to buy an ad or two for those first couple of books, if only for the benefit of the retailers who will be doing the ordering.

  4. Hey there! I just pre-ordered Loud Snow. I hope you meet your quota for the printing costs. I’m really looking forward to reading it. I also pre-ordered Jo Chen’s yaoi doujinshi as well yet I’m not sure if its an original doujinshi. It doesn’t matter. I’m willing to support GloBL as always. ^_^

  5. You’re welcome. Also, I mentioned Loud Snow in the GloBL Manga thread that I created at Aarinfantasy. I’m not an expert on GloBL since my collection is very limited.

    I know you are not active at the forum but nonetheless, I hope at least some will show interest in purchasing Loud Snow. To be honest, the thread as over 100 posts which I never thought it would achieve in the midst of BL “purism”.

  6. Hmm….my intention was not to make the thread depressing yet I cannot control the commentary. Well, you see what I mean about the yaoi purist, many have absolutely no love for GloBL or don’t even want to give it a chance. Sorry to rain on your parade.

  7. Thanks for understanding. I have read the negative commentary/critique about your work as you have perhaps already seen at the GloBL thread at Aarinfantasy. Yet I want to form my own opinion about your work. There was also another thread (now closed) about Only Words and of course the comments are not favorable. Nonetheless, I truly do want to become familiar with your work and so I (finally and forgive me for taking so long) ordered Only Words at Amazon.com. I should be receiving the book tomorrow. ^_^

  8. LOL! I can take criticism – it doesn’t bother me. If you buy my book and hate it, it’s cool – the only thing I have an issue with is when some people cross the line and begin criticizing ‘me’ and not the work. That’s when I used to show up and get pissy. ^_^

    TBH, most readers at AFF tend to ‘read scans’ as opposed to purchasing. They’re not my audience nor will they be, so whenever a thread starts about my work there I’m always grateful, but I never take it to heart if it’s negative. I can’t. As I reader I have authors I dislike…and I speak about it with other fans as I should be able to. No fan should ever have to think that they need to edit themselves or ‘SHE will show up and wank me”. That’s retarded. There must be a disconnect between author and fan-forums; and I choose to keep my distance from AFF and others for that reason. ^_^

    BTW, my disappointment in that thread stems from that fact that ‘GloBL = Yaoi Press” and of course…no one knows me XP [flail!!] Other than that, for every poster there at least four readers who don’t post–so thanks for boosting the signal!

  9. You’re welcome. I guess the reason why Yaoi Press keeps getting mentioned is because its well known even among the yaoi purists. Then again, I have to do research on the other GloBL creators who publish their work independently so they may receive recognition and support.

    In the thread I created, someone did provide links to a German publisher yet I’m not fluent in German.

    Take care as always! ^_^

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