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Monday Morning Randomness

My tile didn’t get finished this weekend.   My study is still a mess – but it’s cool.  I’m dealing with it.

I have an interesting work week ahead, plenty of ‘observations’ in my future thanks to the company being new and infantile and in sales-coaching overload.  Personally, I think sales-coaches should be fired.  Banks are like underwear, everyone needs one if they have money and so we’ll never be ‘out of business’.  Give me a break.  Wednesday we have a branch meeting – likely to tell us how much we suck and how we’re not meeting the goals they want us to…let’s find a way to be more ‘proactive’ with customers in order to GAIN their business.  Someone shoot me.  Now.

I have much to do before going into work – I need to get to the new bank and sign the account paperwork and deposit some money.  Once I get an account #, I’ll need to input it to all the usual suspects that send me electronic payments.

I abused myself this weekend with too much beer and snacks and lounging about listening to the audio edition of Tom Rob Smith’s ‘The Secret Speech’.  So, it’s not as engaging as ‘Child 44’, but it works for me – as I am a fan of the author.   Watched the conclusion of ‘America, The Story of Us’ last night.  I still get misty eyed when I see the attack on the Towers.  Perhaps it’s because of where I’m from – but it hits me hard.

The week starting on Tuesday is nice…Justified is on tonight, but after work I need to hit the gym.  I need to do at least 30 minutes on the torture machine and 2 laps in the pool if I want to make up for the evil I did this weekend.  It’s a lofty goal, but attainable if I still have the power to care after 6 pm.

I began writing a story, who knows if I’ll finish it.

Loud Snow sales on KINDLE have been great.  I was pleasantly surprised to see our numbers continue to remain high with ZERO returns.   Still no word about Gadarene‘s review with Apple for inclusion in iBookstore.   Pre-orders for Loud Snow are trickling it at a snails pace – and that’s troublesome.   We need at least 80 by June 21, and we’ve only got about 8.  >_<      …and no, it hasn’t escaped my cynical eyes that some blogs are praising certain creators for ‘self-publishing’ as if these creators are suddenly inventing the wheel in US mangadom.  Spare me.  Talk about tunnel vision.  >_<   That sort of ‘non-news’ ranks up there with Dark Horse claiming they’ve always ‘been down with shoujo’ because they published ‘Ah My Goddess’.   The hilarity is enough to make you gag…but hey – those bloggers are the Kings and Queens of their own kingdoms, and if they want their subjects thinking that ‘there’s a new wave of American doujinshi makers out there’ then so be it.  As always, they’re a few years late.

Wow.  I’m a jerk today.  >__>  I should work on changing this before going into work.


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